PSG Talon will represent PCS at MSI 2022

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PSG Talon will participate in the highly expected international tournament, MSI 2022, as PCS representative. Pacific Championship Series includes ten teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Southeast Asia. Thanks to the region’s previous success on the international stage, PCS has one slot to send its champion directly to the main event. After defeating Flying Oyster in the grand finals, PSG Talon qualified for the Mid-Season Invitational for the second year in a row.

PSG Talon completed the regular season in first place with 16W 2L. Their closest rival in the standings was J Team, who tied in second place with 14W 4L. PCS followers had predicted PSG would enter the playoff stage from the first place before the start of the 2022 Spring Split. However, it was easier for them. Although PSG Talon lost their two stars, River and Maple, Juhan and Bay filled the shoes well. The newest members of the starting roster found a synergy that led PSG Talon to the championship.

PSG’s playoff run

Deep Cross Gaming faced off against the defending champion, PSG Talon, in round 2 of the playoff stage. They were swept by the favorite with a quick 3-0 win, and PSG Talon matched Flying Oyster, who demolished J Team on the other side of the winner bracket. PSG Talon lost to CFO in the semifinals, taking only one game in a 4- game hectic series. The decider series that will determine the other finalist was against J Team. PSG Talon survived in a five-game intense series and made their way to the grand finals. Another five-game series was waiting for the tired lion. PSG Talon got their revenge on Flying Oyster while they qualified for the MSI 2022.

PSG Talon shocked everyone with a phenomenal performance they showed off throughout the MSI 2021. After finishing the group stage in second place ahead of the Turkish representative, Istanbul Wildcats, and CBLOL champion, PaiN Gaming, they advanced to the rumbling stage where the top six teams competed. PSG Talon tied in third place behind DWG and RNG, were appreciated by everyone. Their fairy tale was terminated by Royal Never Give Up in the semifinals. PSG’s starting roster is less promising for this year, but they like to hunt elite teams. You should keep an eye on them if you want to enjoy the MSI 2022.

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