Victory Five eliminates JD Gaming

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Victory Five wiped out JD Gaming in round 4 of the losers’ bracket in the LPL 2022 Spring Split and became the third team to qualify for the main playoff event, along with RNG and Top Esports. That also means JD Gaming’s 2022 Spring run has come to an end. Victory Five will meet the loser of the semifinal series between RNG and TES in the final lower bracket round, which is set to play on Wednesday.

JD Gaming left behind a remarkable season considering the other super teams, such as EDG and LNG Esports, were knocked out from the playoffs in previous rounds due to their heartbreaking performance. JDG’s season run was always going to be tough because they entered the playoff stage from the lower bracket, where they faced off against Weibo Gaming, who eliminated the defending champion, and RNG, the favorite of the 2022 Spring Split. They are out of breath to go on until the grand finals that will determine who will represent China at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational in Busan, South Korea.

Victory Five got their first playoff series win over JDG after completing the season in first place with a phenomenal performance. In the previous round, they lost to Top Esports in an intense five-game series that determined the first team that advanced to the semifinals. Victory Five finally played as if they were still competing in the regular season. Rookie and Karsa intimidated their next opponent while the veteran duo proved their desire to win the trophy.

Victory Five vs JD Gaming

JDG opened up the series with a win thanks to their bot lane duo, but Victory Five were quick to answer in the second match. Rookie’s Twisted Fate ruled over the map while Karsa helped his top lane, Rich, to establish his kingdom against 369. In the third match of the series, Karsa showed off his best jungle performance ever, demolished Victory Five with Viego, and finished the game with an incredible scoreline of 17/1/12. The remaining V5 members, including Rookie, had nothing to do to win the game because Karsa took care of everything.

The do-or-die match was a nail-biter and saw JDG put their Rek-Sai pick out of the pocket to surprise Victory Five. They planned to counter Jarvan IV with this unexpected choice, but at the same time, JDG forgot that Rek-Sai needed to be active in the early game. As we can see from the result, it did not work, and Victory Five destroyed the enemy nexus at 24. minute, cut JDG’s playoff hopes off with a sheer victory.

RNG and TES will face each other in the series that will determine both the first finalist and the opponent Victory Five will meet in the lower bracket. You can catch all the action from the LPL’s official Twitch channel.

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