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Generally speaking, there are 2 ways to play the Paladin:

  • Support Yellow Skills
    • Provides Shields, Minor Heals, Damage Buff: +15% Attack Power.
    • Strictly uses Identity Skill: Holy Aura to heal and mitigate damage.
  • Damage Blue Skills
    • Moderate Damage, Low Destruction and Low Stagger.
    • Uses the Identity Skill: Judgment to increase their own damage.
Paladin Banner Lost Ark

In end game content, Paladins are utilized in a party as Support. Damage Paladins are less valuable unless there is already a Bard or Support Paladin in the party. Damage Paladins still provide the damage buff but generally don’t provide the shields and heals. Depending on the content, Paladins can also choose to be a Hybrid Support/Damage if they choose the right skills, tripods, and engravings that give more utility to the party, while sacrificing a bit of their damage.

Support Build


  • Cast Light Shock on cooldown to keep 100% uptime of the debuff.
  • Alternate Heavenly Blessings and Wrath of God as the party buff they provide do not stack and will only refresh the duration.
  • Use Holy Protection to mitigate some damage, and also as a minor Heal.
  • Godsent Law is the big cooldown to save your party members. As the casting animation is long, it requires good knowledge of when a player may take heavy damage.
  • Holy Sword and Executor’s Sword are the Frontal Counter Attack skills.
  • Alternatives:
    • Holy Protection: Tripod 2: Purify to remove certain debuffs from the party where needed.

Here are the key skills and information to play a Support Paladin.

Support Build Engravings

Stat Allocation

  • Specialization: Improves Identity Gauge generation and improves Holy Aura damage buff.
  • Swiftness: Cooldown Reduction and Improves Attack and Movement Speed.

Chaos Dungeon Build

The biggest factor here is to make use of the Preemptive Strike Engraving; which makes a guaranteed crit on all enemies at full health in chaos dungeons except Bosses. At level 3 it will make most of your abilities in this build one hit kill everything. This engraving alone makes clearing chaos dungeons significantly faster.

preemptive strike lost ark

Skill choices here are based on high damage single hit skills. As only the first hit will crit for huge damage, multi hit skills are less useful. The key is to rotate use of Heavenly Blessings, Wrath of God, and Holy Explosion to one shot large groups of enemies. The remaining skills are for cleaning up any left overs.

Don’t bother trying to find proper accessories with Preemptive Strike, instead, find an Ability Stone with it (they are fairly cheap on the auction house) and focus on getting as many successes on that engraving only. Learn Engraving Recipes and apply it to your Imprint to make up the remainder needed to get to level 3.

preemptive strike lost ark
Tier 1 Chaos Dungeon: Heavenly Blessings deals massive damage.
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