T1 advanced to the 2022 lCK Spring Finals

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T1 advanced to the 2022 LCK Spring Finals after taking down Kwangdong Freecs in the semifinals with a convincing performance that they showed off throughout the regular season. The legendary Korean organization goes back to its old gold ages that once captivated many League of Legends fans. T1 started waiting for their opponent they will face off in the grand finals to take the last step for the championship.

Kwangdong Freecs, on the other hand, left behind a successful season for them, given their precarious appearance in the regular season. They somehow made their way to the knockout stage. Afterward, led by veteran ADC, Teddy, KDF secured their shot at the semifinals by decimating DRX in a five-match intense series. T1 ended their playoff run as the only team to finish the regular season undefeated in LCK history.

Game 1

T1 opened up the series with a risky composition without a front-line champion. The early stage of the game passed peacefully, both teams weighing in on each other. Even though T1 did not dominate the middle game, they took the global gold lead and widened the gap. T1 destroyed enemy nexus after winning team fight around dragon pit at 25. minute mark.

Game 2

In the second match of the series, there was total T1 domination. They handed the control of the map from start to finish by collecting ten scores at the fourteen-minute mark. In this wise, T1 implemented its macro plan perfectly. Dragons were picked up by Oner. The early stage of the game could not have started better for T1. Their advantages turned into a snowball towards the mid-game. Consequently, KDF could not stand against T1’s pressure, and T1 was only one win away from the 2022 Spring Finals.

Game 3

The decider match of the first semifinal series was literally a fiesta. T1 was like limit testing on KDF, chasing skirmishes mostly around neutral objectives. Keria proved again why he was selected MVP of the 2022 Spring Split. He was unbeaten in the previous nine games in which he played Nautilus, and that clean win was the 10th line on his perfect tally. T1 closed the series before their match went into the late stage and qualified for the finals two seasons in a row.

DWG and GEN will square off to meet with T1 on the finals. The semifinal series, which will determine T1’s opponent, is set to play on 27 March. You can catch all the action from the official LCK Twitch channel.

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