LCK 2022 Spring: T1 finish the regular season undefeated

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T1 became the first team to go undefeated in the regular season in LCK history after vanquishing DRX thanks to an outstanding performance by the best player of all time, Faker. Their newly restructured roster around Faker finished the regular season of the 2022 LCK Spring Split without dropping a single series.

T1 was expected to be superior compared to the previous seasons. However, this level of domination in arguably the toughest league of the pro stage was something fans did not expect. Although their closest regional rival, GEN, has been affected by COVID cases in their two series against T1, Faker and his inheritors went unbeaten all season. The legacy continues, and the T1 era is finally back!

”Nobody could stop us! We were UNDEFEATED this 2022 LCK Spring Regular Season. Time for the Playoffs!”

LCK 2022 Spring Split Week 7 Results


  • NS  1 — 2  KT
  • GEN  2 — 0  BRO


  • DRX  0 — 2  DK
  • KDF  2 — 1  HLE


  • T1  2 — 1  LSB
  • KT  1 — 2  GEN


  • NS  2 — 0  HLE
  • BRO  2 — 0  DK


  • KDF  2 — 0  LSB
  • T1  2 — 0  DRX

Here are the final standings for the 2022 LCK Spring Split

The defending champion, DWG, finished the regular season in third, though they got slapped by BRO in their latest series. They lost something from 2021, including an elite-level top laner who can sweep the lane even against the best names. Khan was performing better than Damwon needed to be champion, but the consistency could not be achieved with Burdol and Hoya.

Damwon KIA will face off BRO in the first round of the playoff stage, where the losing team will also lose their hopes of attending the MSI tournament.

After a rough start for them to the 2022 LCK Spring, KDF somehow made their way to the playoffs. Although NS and KT have a better roster compared to KDF, led by Teddy, the wheel worked smoothly. KDF will play against DRX in the first round, and both teams will have a significant chance to advance to the semi-finals.

With LCK’s new playoff format, first seed will choose which quarterfinal winner they will play while second seed will face the remaining team. So T1 will choose between two winners that will be determined on 24 March. Fans are excited about a possible T1 versus DWG matchup, but T1 may consider pairing DWG with GEN. The playoff stage of the 2022 LCK Spring Split is set to begin on 23 March. DWG will battle it out against BRO to protect their crown. You can catch all the action from LCK’s official Twitch channel.

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