LPL 2022 Spring: Regular Season Recap

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The regular season of the 2022 LPL Spring Split has concluded with Victory Five entering the playoffs from first seed, which seemed impossible before the season began. If anyone had said that Victory Five would finish the regular season in first place with 14-2, no one would believe it. However, they were the most consistent team of LPL, led by Rookie and Karsa. Besides that, the player improvement for Photic and Reach was another crucial factor in V5’s success.

Victory Five, who was expected to be a contender for lower playoff seeds, became a championship candidate throughout the season. Their start to the 2022 Spring Season was not excellent, but other teams were in the same adjustment period. Karsa and Rookie enhanced their performance tremendously, which was reflected in the rest of the team as an improvement.

Reach, former Heroes of Storm player, has not looked promising so far. However, at the end of 2022 Spring, he unexpectedly improved himself with the help of the coaching staff. Photic was also another player who leveled up throughout the season. With their flawless synergy, Victory Five managed to overcome top-tier teams in the league.

Here are the final standings for the 2022 LPL Spring Split

Top Esports, JD Gaming, LNG Esports

Top Esports completed the season in fifth place, although they made a shaky start to the 2022 Spring. After Mark joined the team in week 4, Top Esports had a winning streak, which put them in an acceptable position. JDG finished the regular season in fourth place ahead of Top Esports. Yagao looked like the best mid laner from a certain point while Kanavi assumed the role of shot caller jungler for his team. The 2022 LPL Spring Season went better for JD Gaming than they thought.

LNG Esports made an excellent start to the league thanks to the harmony between Tarzan and Doinb. Then V5 and Weibo Gaming took them down the standings as their performance hit rock bottom. In the second round-robin, LNG recovered well and secured third place ahead of JD Gaming.

Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up somehow overpowered other elite rosters, except Victory Five. The coaching staff used Xiaohu as the secondary shot-caller in the team because he changed his role from top to mid, and he never had superb mechanics that could bring them advantages against juggernauts such as Rookie, Doinb, and Scout. Utilizing his experience as a veteran player is the best thing RNG can do to stand out among such good teams. MSI 2021 champion completed the regular season in second place, and if Victory Five had not pulled a rabbit out of the hat, RNG could have ended the season as the leader.

The playoff stage of the 2022 LPL Spring Split is set to begin on 26 March with a potential action-packed series between BLG and Rare Atom. On the other side, the defending champion, Edward Gaming, will face off FunPlus Phoenix in the first round of the lower bracket. Every day in the upcoming week, two competent Chinese teams will square off to secure their spot at the grand finals. You can catch all the action from the official LPL Twitch channel.

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