LPL 2022 Spring: Week 7 Recap

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Week 7 of the 2022 LPL Spring Split has concluded with Victory Five and Weibo Gaming taking the top spot. Royal Never Give Up, on the other hand, defeated their closest rival, Edward Gaming, and followed the new kings behind. The competition between top-mid rank teams heats up week by week. Top Esports demolished one of LPL’s favorites for the championship, LNG Esports, and extended its winning streak to 6 games. After a long time, JackeyLove finally remembered that he was still one of the best carry players thanks to his unique game style that takes the initiative when needed.

Here are the full results for Week 7 of the 2022 LPL Spring Split:


  • WE  0 — 2  RA
  • LGD  2 — 1  IG


  • UP  0 — 2  JDG
  • BLG  1 — 2  TES


  • LGD  0 — 2  EDG
  • WBG  0 — 2  RNG


  • V5  0 — 2  JDG
  • TT   1 — 2  LNG
  • FPX  2 — 1  BLG


  • LGD  1 — 2  WBG
  • AL  2 — 0  IG
  • EDG  1 — 2  RNG


  • V5  2 — 0  UP
  • OMG  2 — 1  RA
  • TES  2 — 1  LNG

TheShy and Rookie are back at the top, but this time they are not fighting for the same team. After Invictus Gaming had a heartbreaking 2021 without making their way to the playoffs, the two veterans of the team parted ways with the organization. Rookie surprisingly joined Victory Five, who expected to be a playoff contender even in their best scenario.

However, Rookie completely changed the culture of his new team and made them a winner roster. Victory Five hunted all top-tier teams in the regular season, and they exceeded the expectations with their consistent performance and hard-to-solve game strategy.

Here are the latest standings of the 2022 LPL Spring Split:

EDG stayed in the background

The reigning champion, Edward Gaming, has been struggling against elite rosters in the regular season. After reaching the championship both in the regional league and in the most prestigious international tournament, World Championship, last year, it would be unfair to expect them to maintain the same level.

Instability in their performance is acceptable for now. Edward Gaming has always improved their performance and looked better in the playoff stage, so they will be the contender for the championship.

RNG is better than ever

Royal Never Give Up took down WBG and EDG in week 7 with a convincing performance. Xiaohu seemed adapted to his new lane as Bin accepted his role in the team. RNG prioritizes Bin on the pick ban screen and expects him to overwhelm his lane opponent.

This strategy, sending the top player to the winning match-up, which is not common in the current meta, reduces liability on the other lanes. However, the GALA-Ming duo is still the core of the team, given that they are the best bottom lane in the world. We will see if RNG repeats its success in the 2021 Spring Split.

TES set its sights on the top

Top Esports is on a six-match winning streak thanks to their outstanding performance against better teams than them. Tian, the most controversial player of the league, has recovered after underperforming in FPX.

Moreover, Top Esports finally found competent support who could keep up with JacyLove’s risky and aggressive game style. Mark lived up to expectations so far as JackeyLove reminded us of his old days in Invictus Gaming. Top Esports is scheduled to play against Weibo Gaming on Wednesday. If they take down another top-tier team, TES can be listed as one of the championship favorites.

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