LCS 2022 Spring: Week 7 Recap

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The playoff stage of the 2022 LCS Spring Split is near at-hand and the final regular-season standings are nearly shaped. TSM broke Cloud9’s phenomenal 8 games winning streak on the opening day of week 7 thanks to many advantages taken by their bottom lane in the early stages of the game. On the flip side, Team Liquid missed the chance to tie in first place with C9 one week before the end of the season, dropping a match against FlyQuest on the second day.

TSM played their last joke on Cloud9, but Team Liquid could not utilize that because FlyQuest had something to astonish them. Tristana, who was not selected for a long time in the pro stage, was picked for Johnsun in the bottom lane against Zeri. CoreJJ went for another surprise pick, Taric, to restrict the yordle gunner’s effect and her burst potential in skirmishes. 

However, it did not work. Johnsun established his kingdom on the bot side of the map, while toucouille had a great job on Veigar against Ahri. It was enough for FlyQuest to slay dragons and elder one by one to destroy TL’s nexus at 41 minutes. With this win from nowhere, FlyQuest took a giant step to start the playoff stage from the upper bracket.

Here are the full results for week 7 of the 2022 LCS Spring Split

Day 1

  • Immortals  0 — 1  100 Thieves
  • Team Liquid  1 — 0  Counter Logic Gaming
  • TSM  1 — 0  Cloud9
  • Evil Geniuses  1 — 0  Dignitas
  • Golden Guardians  1 — 0  FlyQuest

Day 2

  • Evil Geniuses  0 — 1  100 Thieves
  • Golden Guardians  1 — 0  Dignitas
  • Team Liquid  0 — 1  FlyQuest
  • Counter Logic Gaming  0 — 1  Cloud9
  • Immortals  0 — 1  TSM

100 Thieves had a perfect week, which they needed. After making quick work on Immortals in the opening match of week 7, 100 Thieves shift their focus on the match against Evil Geniuses.

One of week 7’s jaw-dropping matches kicked off with 100 Thieves taking control of the early game to find winnable skirmishes near the river. The top gap between the two teams was noticeable, and Ssumday wiped out the veteran name, Impact, in the lane phase with the help of Closer. Although Impact had Gnar on his hand, 100 Thieves did not allow him to make a move that could change the course of team fights. Danny’s outstanding Zeri performance was not enough to lead Evil Geniuses to victory.

The other team to have a perfect week is, unexpectedly, TSM. They were 2–11 before week 7 began, and hope was gone for TSM.

One of the most accomplished North American teams opened up the week by taking down an over-the-top Cloud9. Spica shined on Lee Sin as he helped his team to get through the early game with minimal damage. Tactical put an end to this 35-minute thrilling match, and TSM finally wriggled.

Week 8 of the 2022 LCS Spring Split will begin on 26 Saturday. You can watch all the matches on LCS’s official Twitch channel.

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