T1 break another record, faker picks kai’Sa against kwangdong freecs

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T1 became the first team to reach a 15 game win streak in LCK history after taking down Kwangdong Freecs in a three-match intense series. Faker, the most accomplished League of Legends professional player, picked Kai’Sa in the third match of the series against FATE’s LeBlanc and breathed new life to the current meta.

The historical series kicked off with T1 demolishing the top side of the map while Kwangdong Freecs focused on their bottom lane. Oner took Xin Zhao under control in the early stage of the game, but Teddy collected kills with Aphelios for KDF, which was good news for them. On the flip side, gold and kills were evenly distributed on T1, and they destroyed the enemy nexus with the help of Elder Drake buff.

Kwangdong Freecs bounced back to the series in the second match with an unexceptional performance by FATE. He established his kingdom on the rift, finishing against T1 with a score of 9/0/8. Teddy also helped FATE lead his team to victory.

Faker closed up the decider match with an average score of 4/3/5, but he stood firm against LeBlanc in the lane phase. Their effects on the map were almost equal with the help of Oner. Gumayusi showed an outstanding performance against his former teammate, Teddy, as Keria maintained his high standard. T1 did not let Kwangdong Freecs take any neutral objectives or turrets, and wiped out the game from start to finish. After a 30 minute easy win for T1, they remained undefeated 15 games in a row.

Faker can achieve another record

There is one record left Faker wants to achieve, going unbeaten in the regular season. No team competing in League Korean Championship has completed the regular season without a loss before, but T1 came very close to this record in 2015, going 17-1 in the regular season and losing only against CJ Entus. As of now, Faker has her eyes fully set on that record. They will try to maintain their win streak against Fredit BRION on 13 Sunday. For T1, it is quite possible to finish the regular season undefeated considering they will face off LSB and DRX in the last week.

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