Hogwarts Legacy — first gameplay trailer revealed

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Warner Bros revealed an extended gameplay trailer for its highly anticipated role-playing game set in the fantastic realm, Hogwarts Legacy, during the Sony’s State of Play. Developed by Avalanche, Hogwarts Legacy promises Harry Potter fans a fun experience with its immersive open-world that allows players to explore the secrets of the wizarding world and its unique scenario that keeps you wondering what will happen in the future.

No specific release date has been announced for Hogwarts Legacy yet, but Warner Bros stated that the action RPG is set to release this holiday. Thus, the rumors that Hogwarts Legacy will be delayed to 2023 have been officially denied. Warner Bros also revealed that the game will not have microtransactions and online co-op mode.

As we can see in the gameplay trailer below, players will find themselves in a captivating world set in the 1800s. The choices you make while experiencing Hogwarts Legacy will affect the course of the scenario, which is a feature that players must encounter in a role-playing game. Players will build their unique characters by mastering spells and taming the fantastic beasts that terrorize Hogwarts.

The story will leave you on your own and then expect you to uncover the secrets of this mysterious world. Keep in mind that you won’t be alone in this drastic journey. Allies you make throughout the story will help you bring Hogwarts to peace as you battle dark wizards that want to plunge the world of magic into chaos.

Hogwarts Legacy is a third-person, action RPG set in the Harry Potter universe, and will be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S-X, PC, and Nintendo Switch, in the 2022 holiday.

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