Report: Sony Is Still Making PlayStation 4 Consoles

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Although the PlayStation 4 is almost nine years old, Sony reportedly continues to manufacture the console. According to a Bloomberg report, the reason is the PlayStation 5.

More specifically, it’s due to the PlayStation 5’s scarcity. The console launched in November 2020, but it remains near-impossible to find it on store shelves. Even when stock is replenished, it usually dries up in minutes.

Some of that is due to industry-wide supply chain issues. Processor supply continues to lag behind demand, an ongoing issue since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then there are the issues of a lack of truck drivers and seaport workers, which have led to bottlenecks in various industries.

Sony wanted to relieve the strain from PlayStation 5 demand. As such, it reportedly turned to the PlayStation 4 and boosted the production of the aging console.

The decision also could lead to a business opportunity down the road for Sony. With the boost in PlayStation 4 production, the company could allow for more room to negotiate deals with production partners.

Sony can point to the console as a cheaper alternative to the PlayStation 5. It won’t do much to assuage fans upset with the lack of PlayStation 5 supply, however.

This is not what Sony wanted, according to the report. The company reportedly planned to halt PlayStation 4 manufacturing by the end of 2021.

As previously mentioned, Sony isn’t the only gaming company with supply concerns. The Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch remain hard to find on store shelves.

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