League of Legends Tier List: Solo Queue

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League of Legends is essentially a competitive game even though sometimes players don’t feel that way. The primary aim of the game is to wipe out the enemy’s nexus before they take down your team. Riot Games not only adds different mechanics to the game but also changes the existing gameplay with patches it brings once or twice a month. It could be tough to keep up with these changes, especially for those who started playing League of Legends in recent months.

There are plenty of ways to reach the league in your dreams. Starting from the pick-ban screen, many things such as the composition you formed, the macro game, neutral objectives, global gold lead have a notable impact on your game. First, the main thing you need to carry about is champion picks. Your team could be in a desperate situation if the champions are useless.

Here are all broken champions you can use to climb up the leagues. The list below is based on the latest patch, 12.4.




Bot lane:



Only two or three months before, no one realized of Trydamere’s existence. Only OTP players picked him in the top lane, and some of them played Tryndamere in other lanes. With his strengthened split push capability in the latest patches, Tryndamere turned into a primary pick to take down the opponent without getting into a fight. If you or anyone in your team has picked Tryndamere, the rest of the team should avoid skirmishes as much as possible. You must build your game strategy around Trydamere to make him efficient as you want.

His spinning splash ability allows him to escape from the enemy in the side lane where he can apply pressure by pushing minion waves speedily. Tryndamere also can reduce the cooldown of this ability. The other thing that makes Tryndamere special is his “Undying Rage” which allows him to stay unkillable for 5 seconds. When Tryndamere had to fight in inescapable situations, he not only challenges the opposite team alone but also hampers them with his immortality that none of the other champions have. Trydamere is one of LoL’s most banned and picked champions, so consider using his utility before Riot balances him.

Xin Zhao

When it comes to duelists in the jungle role, Xin Zhao is the first champion to appear in our minds. Xin Zhao remains one of the meta’s top picks ever since Riot reworked him in the past year. His early game power is well above average, and the other champions in the current meta can’t stand up to him in 1 vs 1.

Your team can also use Xin Zhao as a frontline in team fights, which means one more broken champion can join your team composition. In the top or mid lane, you can pick a hyper carry champion just because the team has a tank champion, anyway. Xin Zhao provides flexibility to the team. Do not pass without giving a chance!


This little trouble-maker named Veigar is well known for his abilities that can deal high damage. Not only does Veigar bring the capability of area control to the team with his ‘Event Horizon‘ ability, but also the tiny master of evil can shock the enemy with his unpredictable damage at any moment. However, Veigar’s skill set is not suitable for a mobile champion. That is why the sorcerer is deprived of getting himself into the safe zone, where he can change the course of the game. If your teammates can protect you from assassins, you can lead your team to victory by using his unique scale mechanic.


Irelia, the blade dancer, who devoted himself to the peace of Ionia, can be preferred both in the top and the mid lane. Although several champions such as Poppy, Fiora, and Shen can easily stand up against her in the lane phase, Irelia turns into a juggernaut toward the mid-late game. She also has an effective split push capability like Tryndamere. She can take the opposite team under intense pressure when the rest of her team keeps up with her in the macro game.

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