LEC 2022 Spring Week 6 Recap

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Only three weeks until the playoffs kick off in the LEC 2022 Spring Split. While several mid-rank teams, such as MAD and Vitality, are struggling to secure their spot in the playoffs, SK Gaming and Astralis, two teams anchored in the last place, are making a mess in recent weeks. Except for the top four teams, the others have to stay firm to take the playoff ticket in their pocket.

LEC 2022 Spring Split Week 6 Results


  • Fnatic  0 — 1  Astralis
  • Misfits Gaming  1 — 0  Excel
  • Vitality  1 — 0  Team BDS
  • SK Gaming  1 — 0  G2
  • Rogue  1 — 0  MAD Lions


  • Excel  1 — 0  Astralis
  • Team BDS  0 — 1  SK Gaming
  • Misfits Gaming  1 — 0  MAD Lions
  • Rogue  1 — 0  Vitality
  • Fnatic  1 — 0  G2

Day 1: Astralis astonished Fnatic

Another week kicked off with another surprising result and the protagonist remains the same. Astralis, who dealt the first blow to Rogue last week, hunted Fnatic in the opening match of Week 6. The match was shaped around Zanzarah’s jungle pathing. Regardless of what Razork does in the early game with Xin Zhao, Zanzarah played around the bot side of the map, collected dragons for his team. Although Upset and Hylissang picked their favorite champions, Aphelios and Rakan, Kobbe did a great job both during the lane phase and mid-late game. Astralis secured its second LEC win over another top-tier team of the LEC, tripped FNC on their way to leadership.

Misfits Gaming is nearly on the playoff stage!

MSF took down one of their closest rival in the standings, Excel, and maintained their 4-match win streak. Vetheo has been playing like the best mid laner in the LEC for a while. He showed off an exceptional performance with Ryze against Humanoid by finishing the match with a score of 6/0/15. Shalatan was also active as he should have been in the early game, then led his team to take the lead on neutral objectives. On the flip side, Excel offered fans a 35- minute action-packed match instead of playing monotonously. Misfits Gaming tied in second place with G2 and Fnatic thanks to their thrilling start to Week 6.

SK Gaming squeezed G2!

G2 Esports may have had their worst game of the regular season. All players of G2, including Broken Blade, who had a great Week 5, underperformed against SK Gaming. Starting from the pick-ban screen, SK demolished G2 in all aspects of the game. Sertuss and Jezu finished the match without giving a score, and in addition, the lane phase was devastating for G2. Even though it took SK Gaming 40 minutes to beat G2, they did everything they wanted and used the map like their backyard. G2 Esports missed the opportunity to beat FNC in league standings by showing an exasperating performance.

Rogue took its revenge on MAD Lions.

There was a final rematch between MAD and Rogue in the closing match of the first day. Two teams faced off in the 2021 LEC Spring Finals, and MAD was the one that reached the championship two seasons in a row. But this time, Rogue took its revenge over the reigning champion and pushed MAD out of the playoff circle.

MAD is on 3-match lose streak, and the upcoming weeks do not look bright for them. Reeker has stumbled since the start of the Spring Split, and the coaching staff changed Armut’s role in the team from supportive top laner to carrier top laner. Unfortunately, it is not a working formula in the current meta. MAD has to win all the remaining matches to secure their spot in the playoffs.

Day 2: Rogue is the first team to secure its playoff spot

The playoff stage in the LEC is right around the corner. VIT and MAD are struggling to take the final playoff spot. On the second day of Week 6, after MAD got slapped by Misfits Gaming because of their mind-blowing draft, VIT got an opportunity to beat them in the playoff race. Rogue, however, did not intend to quit even a match.

VIT built a risky composition that had limited damage against Rogue. Perkz picked Galio in the mid lane to bring his team area control, and Ezreal was in the bottom lane against Jhin, which was a tolerable match-up. All Rogue had to do was take Diana under pressure in the early stage of the game to impair her power spike. It was a cake in the bag, and Rogue upset Vitality at the end of a 30-minute, tedious match. With this win, Rogue secured its playoff spot two weeks before the action kicked off.

Fnatic survived European derby

The most anticipated match of the week was played between FNC and G2. Both teams tied in second place after their frustrating loss on the previous day. The European derby ended well for Fnatic as% 50 of fans expected. G2 was not that different, compared to the match they choked against SK Gaming. At first, the bot gap between the two teams was irreparable. Upset established his lane kingdom against Flakked, and Targamas was also far from his most up-to-date form. G2 was not able to take the lead on the top side of the map because Razork overwhelmed Jankos with Diana in the early game, and FNC was better in skirmishes.

Ryze with tank build is not a perfect choice if your team’s total damage is limited. Ryze could not handle enough damage to let his team to victory. Besides bringing many disadvantages in the early game, Ryze is useless even in the mid-late game. All Ryze can do in team fights is to run around and head for abilities. And the weird thing is that teams don’t stop picking Ryze. They must be seeing something different from us.

Fnatic beat G2 in the closing series of Week 6, tied in second place with Misfits Gaming, who won their last five matches in the league. The playoff post is slowly taking shape, and MAD Lions, the defending champion, will probably not be in this competition.

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