LCS 2022 Spring: 100 Thieves take down Team Liquid

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After several teams make their first 2022 appearance with newly designed rosters in the Lock-In tournament, the LCS 2022 Spring Split has kicked off with staggering results. 100 Thieves opened up the season with consecutive wins over Team Liquid and CLG. Both teams are considered as the favorites of the new season.

CoreJJ could not play against 100 Thieves due to competitive league rules. He will be joining Hans Sama in the bot lane when he receives his green card with the approval of the US government. Instead of CoreJJ, TL Academy player, Eyla made his LCS debut after spending one year in Oceania. Team Liquid earned its first win over Immortals in the closing match of the first week.

Dignitas squeezed the audience with their near-perfect performance against IMT and TSM, respectively. Blue, who joined the team from SK Gaming in the off-season, was the one who was at the center of Dignitas’ game strategy. Neo also made a thrilling start for himself. Biofrost reminded us of his days and led Dignitas in the macro game to prevent TSM from returning to the game.

Cloud9 headed for unusual champions

Cloud9 was one of the teams that had a flawless first week. It seems like C9 will continue to try unusual picks, especially with Nick ‘’LS’’ De Cesare joining the team as head coach. Ivern was picked for Fudge in the mid lane against Golden Guardians, and C9 built its composition around Blaber. He went for a champion that could deal enough damage in team fights, Gwen, and used Ivern’s functionality advantage to take control of the game.

There was another surprising pick in their match against Evil Geniuses. Soraka was taken by Fudge, had an acceptable lane phase against Viktor. Fudge finished the game with a scoreline of 0–3–11, helped Aphelios to stay alive in skirmishes with Thresh. Taking down Aphelios in the late game was nearly impossible for EG, considering he had two supports that allowed him to deal all his damage comfortably.

LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 1 Results

Day 1

  • TSM  0 — 1  Evil Geniuses
  • Fly Quest  1 — 0  Counter Logic Gaming
  • Team Liquid  0 — 1  100 Thieves
  • Dignitas  1 — 0  Immortals
  • Cloud9  1 — 0  Golden Guardians

Day 2

  • Counter Logic Gaming  0 — 1  100 Thieves
  • Fly Quest  1 — 0 Golden Guardians
  • Dignitas  1 — 0  TSM
  • Immortals  0 — 1  Team Liquid
  • Evil Geniueses  0 — 1  Cloud9

FLY exceeded the expectations with two clean wins over CLG, and Golden Guardians led by Johnsun. He was the one who made the difference from the bottom lane. Janna returned to the LCS after a long break, albeit in the top lane this time. Kumo used Janna’s tornado and shield ability to take control of the top side of the map with Xin Zhao.

Indeed, Josedeodo put neutral objectives in his pocket, and FLY took the global gold lead in their hands. Although they had not a scaling composition, with the advantages Janna brought from the beginning of the match, FLY overwhelmed CLG in a 40-minute fierce battle.

Week 2 of the 2022 LCS Spring Split will be returning with an action-packed match between EG and Dignitas. Both teams looked threatening in their first week. 100 Thieves will try to protect its win streak against Immortals, and the defending champion will close out the week with a match that can be decisive for the top against EG.

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