Deep Rock Galactic Error Cube Explained

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While mining as a Dwarf in Deep Rock Galactic, you may have stumbled upon all types of resources that are not mission related. These resources real purpose usually have to do with upgrading weapons and equipment. But, there is one resource that seems to be more mysterious than the others. This resource goes by the name of ERR://23¤Y%/, also known as an Error Cube. And here we will explain Deep Rock Galactic’s Error Cube.

What Are Error Cubes In Deep Rock Galactic?

An Error Cube in Deep Rock Galactic is an extremely rare resource that that one can mine. It can be found in any region and any mission. Also, it is important to note that it only has a drop chance of 1 out of 26 missions.

With only a 3.84% chance of a Error Cube spawning within a mission, some may not know what it looks like. Its appearance is best described as an small black cube, which is separated by a gridded white light. Thus creating what looks like a 3×3 Rubix cube.

Additionally, finding the Error Cube may be another challenge. To find it, it is best to look for areas within the cave that have small pointed grey crystals on the wall, floor, or ceiling. There should also be a faint purple glow coming from the group of crystals. Mine towards this purple glow and you shall find an Error Cube.

What Is The Purpose Of Error Cubes in Deep Rock Galactic?

While playing, you may notice that most resources have a purpose. Some are for mission and secondary objectives; others are for crafting upgrades and beer licenses. As for Error Cubes, it may seem that there is no purpose for them. But the reality is that there is more than one purpose.

When you get an Error Cube and head back to the space station, you may notice that it unusable and unsellable. There are no upgrades that need them, and you cannot sell them at the trading terminal. So what are they for? Well, one of the purposes for it is extra XP. A single Error Cube will give you an extra 4,000 XP upon completion of the mission in which the cube was found. Though, 4,000 XP in Deep Rock Galactic is a nice boost. Don’t count on it being a common and effective way of leveling up.

The other purpose for the Error Cube isn’t really something that affects anything in Deep Rock Galactic. This is because it has to do with the achievements. Each platform the game is on has a different total amount of achievements. There is 67 achievements for Xbox, 69 for Steam, and 70 on PlayStation. But, the achievement we are talking about is the “What Are These Things?” secret achievement. To unlock, the player has to collect a total of 5 Error Cubes. Yup, you heard right. With the low percentage chance of an Error Cube even spawning within a mission, this could mean many hours of play before unlocking the achievement.

Is There More To The Error Cubes In Deep Rock Galactic?

Though it seems that Error Cubes may not have a huge impact in Deep Rock Galactic, there might be more to it. It was hint by the development studio of Deep Rock Galactic, Ghost Ship Games, that the Error Cubes might be connected to the lore of the game. Which is absolutely huge! Not to get anyone’s hopes up, but I personally believe this is something that might come with a big update for the game. Maybe not something following Season 1, but a future update including some more lore or uses for the Error Cube would be welcomed. But for now, we will just have to settle for grabbing beers and mining for rock and stone!

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