What to Expect From the 2022 LPL Spring Split

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The highly-expected new year competition of the League of Legends pro stage will kick off on January 11 with LPL matches. Last year, at the toughest level in China, Edward Gaming reached the championship after four years of longing by defeating FunPlus Phoenix in the grand finals.

LNG Esports outstripped the expectations led by Tarzan and qualified for the 2021 World Championship Play-In Stage. Although they got eliminated by the hands of MAD in the tie-breaker match, LNG looked well enough to make their fans happy.

Invictus Gaming could not make the playoffs for the first time in the organization’s history. Rookie underperformed in the 2021 Summer because of the team’s inconsistency. After they were titled as the World Champion in 2018, Invictus did not rebuild its starting roster around TheShy and Rookie, even though the future looks stormy for them.

On the other hand, Royal Never Give Up was the one who was able to defeat Damwon KIA. The China representative triumphed over DWG in the 2021 MSI Finals and brought back the trophy to their country like they did three years ago. After a shaky start for RNG in the 2021 Summer, they stepped up their performance and finished the season in third place.

The 2021 World Championship was heartbreaking for them if we think of the possibility of winning the Worlds against Damwon KIA. RNG did not fail in the past year, considering they became the MSI and the 2021 Spring Split champion and made their way to the semifinals with a rookie jungler.

LNG Esports acquired Doinb, Rookie joins Victory Five, eDG did not make a move

Doinb, who is regarded as the best mid laner, joined LNG Esports for the upcoming season. That means we will watch Tarzan and Doinb together during the 2022 Spring. LNG Esports reinforced its starting roster with a world champion, parted ways with Icon. They will start the new season as the favorite of the championship.

Edward Gaming handed its roster that won the 2021 Summer Split and the 2021 World Championship. They found the core of their roster, young talent Jiejie. He looked well-adapted, contrary to what people expect from him. Meiko and Viper will play together for the next season. Scout and Flandre will stand with EDG to climb above the level they were at last year.

FunPlus Phoenix completely restructured the team around Lwx, said goodbye to Nuguri, Crisp, Tian, and Doinb. The 2022 World Champion will give young players the chance they deserve to demonstrate their passion. It will be a successful year for them if they make the playoffs.

You can find the full schedule of the 2022 LPL spring split here.

Top eight LPL teams most likely to make the playoffs

Edward Gaming

  • Top: Flandre
  • Jungle: Jiejie
  • Mid: Scout
  • Bot: Viper
  • Support: Meiko

LNG Esports

  • Top: Ale
  • Jungle: Tarzan
  • Mid: Doinb
  • Bot: Light
  • Support: LvMao & Iwandy

Bilibili Gaming

  • Top: Breathe
  • Jungle: Weiwei
  • Mid: FoFo
  • Bot: Uzi & Doggo
  • Support: Crisp

Royal Never Give Up

  • Top: Bin
  • Jungle: Wei
  • Mid: Xiaohu
  • Bot: GALA
  • Support: Ming

Top Esports

  • Top: Zoom & Qingtian
  • Jungle: Tian
  • Mid: Knight
  • Bot: JackeyLove
  • Support: Zhuo

Team WE

  • Top: Biubiu
  • Jungle: beishang
  • Mid: xiye & Shanks
  • Bot: Stay & Xing
  • Support: Kedaya

Weibo Gaming

  • Top: TheShy
  • Jungle: SofM
  • Mid: Angel
  • Bot: huanfeng
  • Support: SwordArt

Victory Five

  • Top: Rich
  • Jungle: Karsa & XLB
  • Mid: Rookie & Dream
  • Bot: Photic
  • Support: ppgod
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