League of Legends: Uzi Returned to Pro Stage with BLG

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One of the best ADC in League of Legends history, legendary shot caller Jian Uzi Hao, returned to pro play after announcing his retirement in 2020 because of some health issues. LPL team Bilibili Gaming officially stated Uzi is back in business for the 2022 Spring Split and so that rumors of the veteran player’s return were confirmed.

His bot lane partner will be Crisp, who hoisted the Summoner’s Cup in 2019 as FunPlus Phoenix’s starting support player. After their disappointing performance in the 2021 World Championship, Crisp parted ways with FunPlus Phoenix.

Uzi started his pro adventure in 2012 with Royal Club (now called RNG). After the establishment of LoL professional leagues, Uzi played for three different organizations between 2014 and 2016, Oh My God, Qiao Gu Reapers, and Newbee. Four years later he came back to the home where he once shined, achieved numerous successes in his long-lasting career. He became LPL champion two seasons in a row in 2018 and won the MSI tournament by taking down Kingzone DragonX in the grand finals.

BLG’s bot lane duo looks competent enough to make their way to playoffs in the upcoming season. Considering that he has played no professional matches for the last year, how good a start will Uzi make will be crucial for BLG’s success.

BLG’s 2022 LPL Spring Split starting roster

  • Top: Breathe
  • Jungle: Weiwei
  • Mid: FoFo
  • ADC: Uzi & Doggo
  • Support: Crisp

Bilibili Gaming completed its starting roster for the 2022 LPL Spring Split. Doggo joined BLG to make his debut in China as fans expected. He drew attention with his exceptional performance in the PCS region and international stage.

Although Doggo is still a rookie, his aggressive game style looks fit for the LPL region because most matches in the league are played around skirmishes. If young talent shows his best as he did in Beyond Gaming in the 2021 World Championship, he can pick up the shirt from the eldest individual threat in Asia, Uzi.

Weiwei will play as the team’s jungler in 2022. That is positive news for BLG that they have not lost the core of their roster. The Chinese organization also signed with Breathe, one of the most skilled top laners in LPL.

After his shaky rookie seasons in OhMyGod, Breathe reached playoffs two splits in a row with Team WE. They were eliminated by the hands of LNG Esports in the 2021 Regional Finals and did not attend the 2021 World Championship. Breathe will try his chance in a different organization for the rest of his career. He still has a long way to go to reach the top of the pyramid.

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