SK Gaming Completed its 2022 LEC Spring Split Roster

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German-based Esports organization SK Gaming proclaimed its starting roster ahead of the 2022 Spring Split via a video shared from the team’s Twitter account. Gilius, who has been competing in the EU for the last two years, joined SK Gaming for the upcoming season. He is back home after a grueling six-year journey for both sides. Gilius’ contract with his previous team, Schalke, has not been renewed because the team’s LEC rights were sold to Team BDS.

The newest member of the LEC gained G2’s coaching team that won the 2019 MSI tournament and reached the finals in the 2019 World Championship, Grabbz-Huffman. It seems Team BDS intends to change the staff entirely.

SK Gaming’s 2022 LEC Spring Split Roster

  • Top: Jenax
  • Jungle: Gilius
  • Mid: Sertuss
  • ADC: Jezu
  • Support: Treatz

In the 2021 Summer Split, which was an arduous one for both Gilius and his team, Schalke finished the regular season with a scoreline of 5–13 and anchored the last place behind SK Gaming. After the departure of Abbedagge last year, Schalke could not make up for her absence. They did not make it to the playoffs in the summer because the bond between all players and the coaching team seemed to be broken.

Sertuss joins from Misfits Premiere

SK Gaming gives Daniel ‘’Sertuss’’ Gamani, who won the LFL 2021 Finals with Misfits Premiere by defeating Carmine Corp, a chance to prove himself in the highest stage of Europe. The German rookie player became a professional in June 2018. He started his career in Dragons E. C, and after spending two months in SuperLiga, he played for Schalke’s academy team between 2019 and 2020.

Sertuss will make his LEC debut as a starting mid laner in the 2022 Spring Split, where he can find tough opponents. The youngest member of SK Gaming should first try to keep up with his other teammates as the coaching staff helps Sertuss to strengthen his game.

SK Gaming continues with Jezu-Jenax, Treatz returns to his main role

SK Gaming kept Jezu and Jenax as Treatz returned to his original role, shot caller support. Jenax has been playing as the team’s top laner since 2019 that SK Gaming trusted him for the upcoming season. On the flip side, Treatz made a sensible move for his ongoing career in LEC, returning to the position where he was most beneficial. In 2021, Treatz conspicuously did not meet expectations in the jungle role, which resulted in the team’s performance being undercut. Fans are happy to watch him as support again in the next season.

Treatz’s comments on the pre-season

‘Had a lot of options this offseason which also made me realize what I value in my competitive career. This SK roster and reuniting with Jezu is something I truly believe in, and I know we can produce good results. Will be fun to surprise people once again”

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