Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Event, Fracture: Tenrai, Is Underwhelming

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Being able to slap on some samurai armor in a Halo game has always sounded cool. In fact, ever since Halo introduced the Hayabusa armor, I have always wanted to see more. Then, as if heard from the developers themselves, 343 Industries showed off the Yoroi armor core in Halo Infinite. Instantly, I was into it. Now many months later, the chance to wear the armor has arrived with Fracture: Tenrai. But I have to say, the event pass is a bit underwhelming.

halo infinite fracture: tenrai

What Is Fracture: Tenrai?

First off, Fracture: Tenrai is a free event currently being held in Halo Infinite. Yes, it is completely free. The event is being held from now till the 30th of November at 10am PT, but this is not the only time we will see this event. 343 has already said that it will return several times throughout season 1. In fact, the next time we will see it is next January. Included in the event are 30 tiers to unlock, event-specific challenges, and a new mode. Which just happens to be Fiesta. A fun mode where you spawn with random weapons, some of which are usually power weapons.

What’s So Underwhelming?

I have a slight issue with the Fracture: Tenrai event and it’s regarding the free event pass. The event pass is free, which is great, but doesn’t include much. With 30 tiers to unlock, only 14 of those tiers relate to the event. Out of those tiers, 6 are related to armor, 3 are related to weapons, and 5 are emblems. While the last 16 tiers are filled with XP boosts and grants. This means that if you are only really interested in the armor, you aren’t getting much. Also, if that wasn’t already underwhelming, the store is filled with so many event bundles. If you wanted such event bundles, the total cost for all the bundles currently available is 50 USD. Which is quite a bit of money.

Is It Worth Playing?

When it comes to the Fracture: Tenrai event, there are many more pros than cons. The Fiesta mode is genuinely fun and filled with some absolutely chaotic moments, and the event pass gives out some free items such as the Yoroi armor core. The challenges for the event are also easy so far. With most easy enough to finish without lots of focus. But, although the event is free, it seems like I still have to pay a price. Especially if I want the most out of it. Ultimately, the decision is up to the individual. Though at the end of the day, I’d say yes. Especially, since it’s still a lot of fun for free.

Robert Rodriguez

3 thoughts on “Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Event, Fracture: Tenrai, Is Underwhelming”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! The progression in the game is jacked up.
    Was a good read I look forward to any future writing you might do.

  2. People using the excuse “it’s a beta” have no idea how close betas are to the full release. It being free also does not make it so they should overcharge and purposefully price items to where you have to spend more than needed (Bundles costing a little more than say the $10.00 credit pack so that you have to pay for another credit pack). There won’t be a substantial difference at “launch” at all.


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