Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Grind Has Been Addressed

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Since the launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta, progression in the game has not been fun. With progression in the battle pass being linked to challenges, XP was halted to a stop. Some challenges proved to be too hard to complete. Others, too long to complete. A few, not working at all. Many matches would go by, with no XP in sight. Gladly, the developers over at 343 had a response.

On the Halo Support Twitter page, 343 answered our prayers with more news on Infinite’s multiplayer. First, a new daily challenge was introduced: play one match to earn 50 XP. A basic way to give XP per match and probably not the best. Especially since every level requires 1000 XP. As a result, progressing in the battle pass still feels grindy, and many can agree that 50 XP is not enough.

Other than 50 XP per match, challenges will be updated for all skill levels. Certain challenges would not track progress, and are now fixed. Such as Jorge Would Be Proud, a challenge that requires getting a kill with a machine gun turret. Resulting in an easy challenge being impossible to complete. Also, XP boosts were changed. These previously lasted 30 minutes but now last 60. Lastly, all progress on challenges for the week has been reset. And, this week’s reward will be free to all who log into Infinite’s multiplayer from November 23rd to the 30th.

343 Industries seems to be taking a step in the right direction. But, they need to take a few more steps. Especially by continuing work on the battle pass progression system and hopefully adding more content to the multiplayer to make it a better experience. Hopefully, more updates on Infinite’s multiplayer come soon with Halo Infinite‘s campaign out on the 8th of December.

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