5 Common Deep Rock Galactic Questions Answered

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Thinking about becoming a Dwarf and mining in space with Deep Rock Galactic? Already joined and need help? Have a seat and we will answer a few questions that you might have before and during your stay at Deep Rock Galactic. Questions such as how much is it, how to play, how to get perks, how to get pickaxe parts, and finally how to promote in Deep Rock Galactic.

How Much Is Deep Rock Galactic

The cost of Deep Rock Galactic may vary depending on which of the three version of the game you want and where you buy it. The Standard Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam will run you $29.99 and will only include the base game.

The Deluxe Edition of the game is where things get different. First lets go over what items are included on every platform for the deluxe edition. Included, on every platforms deluxe edition, is the base game with the Dark Future and MegaCorp pack.

Now what is different about each platforms version of the deluxe edition. On Xbox, nothing changes about what is included and will cost you $39.99. On PlayStation, the deluxe edition will be $38.99 and come with an extra in game bonus. Meanwhile, the Steam deluxe edition of the game will be $48.56 and include the Dawn of The Dread pack.

The Ultimate Edition of the game is also different on each platform, but first lets talk about what is the same. All Ultimate editions will include the base game plus the Dark Future, MegaCorp, and Supporter pack. Now what is different, well the Xbox ultimate edition of Deep Rock Galactic cost a total of $49.99 and only includes those 3 packs.

The PlayStation ultimate edition is $54.99 and also comes with the extra in game bonus and the Dawn of The Dread and Roughneck Pack. Finally, the Steam ultimate edition version of the game is not only different in what is include but also in name. Steams Dwarven Legacy edition of the game is priced at $75.92 and includes all addition paid content currently in the game. This means that you will also get a soundtrack from the game and the new Rival Incursions pack.

And there you have it, those are all the prices of the game

How to Play Deep Rock Galactic

New players coming into Deep Rock Galactic might find that space is not kind to Dwarfs, especially not those who mine for rock and stone. So, wondering how to play Deep Rock Galactic? First, your gonna need a copy of the game on either Xbox, PlayStation, or Steam.

Once you have a copy load up the game, all first time players will automatically be sent into the tutorial. Not a first time play but need a simple refresher? Just press start when in game, then select the Miner Manual. From there select Getting Started then select Basics. Finally, in the top right corner of the Basics page, select Launch Tutorial.

Now, the tutorial will not cover everything sadly. After it, players will be free to play however they want. Just select either the Gunner, Scout, Engineer, or Driller class. Then, select a mission type, choose whether to go at it alone or with others, and mine for rock and stone!

How to get perks in Deep Rock Galactic

Perks are quite easy to get in Deep Rock Galactic, but they are a bit easy to miss. As a Dwarf who only thought about mining and killing alien bugs, I too didn’t know how to get perks. In fact, for quite some time I didn’t even know that there were perks in the game. But fear not, I will tell you how to get perks in Deep Rock Galactic. So you don’t play many mission without them like me.

First, you must know where to get perks. Head to any of the personal cabins, the cabins you spawn in, when at the space station. There you will find two terminals, one for changing classes and the other for perks. The terminal for perks is labelled the Key Performance Indicators terminal, or KPI for short. There you can look at statistics, milestones, and perks. Now you know where players get their perks.

Finally, there are two more things to know. How to unlock perks and where to equipped them. To explain, to unlock perks at the KPI terminal you first need to have perk points. How do you get perk points? Well this is what the milestones tab at the KPI terminal is for.

When you complete a milestone, head to the terminal and claim that milestone. Once claimed, the player should receive a set amount of perk points depending on which milestone they completed. Now that you have perk points, you can now unlock a perk of your choice. Afterward, head to the Equipment terminal at the space station and equip any perks in the red or blue perk slots under the star tab. At last, you are done!

How To Get Pickaxe Parts In Deep Rock Galactic

How To Get Pickaxe Parts In Deep Rock Galactic

During your time working at Deep Rock Galactic, you may have seen many with excellently crafted pickaxes. Here pickaxes are indeed customizable and to customize your very own pickaxe, you need pickaxe parts. How to get pickaxe parts in Deep Rock Galactic is the question, and I got the answer. Well, three answers.

One way you can get these cosmetic items is by playing through season 1, named Rival Incursions, which is available from now till sometime around March or April of 2022. Included with this season is a free performance pass with 100 tiers of free cosmetics and more. Within the pass, the Arc Welder’s Delight pickaxe set is available to earn.

Another way to earn pickaxe parts is by raising up your player rank and completing the assignments that reward pickaxe sets. Though this way may take a while, it will guarantee a pickaxe set upon completion. There are a total of four pickaxe hunts, one at player rank 20 with another on 30, 50, and 70. Each assignment gives a set of specific pickaxe parts that are sure to be worth the completion.

At last, there is one more way to receive pickaxe parts. Sadly, this way is completely random and may not always give pickaxe parts. This is because of Lost Packs. Lost Packs are backpacks of Dwarf who were lost to the darkness and have a drop chance that is dependent on how long a mission is. Within these mission you may find a helmet that will lead you to a Lost Pack. Once found, there is a chance that the player may receive a pickaxe part or an armor color. With 20 armor colors to collect and 40 pickaxe parts, it is completely random so hope for the best.

How to Promote In Deep Rock Galactic

Moving up in the company is not an easy matter. Only those with the dedication and determination to push forward are selected for promotion. To promote, requires the player to play through 25 levels of a class. But that isn’t all, there is more.

Once at level 25 with any class, the player must accept the Promotion Assignment at the assignment terminal. After the assignment is accepted you must go on to complete mission to then have the option to promote a class. Though the company still requires a little bit of compensation for your well deserved promotion, usually money and resources.

When completely ready to promote a character, it is important to know where you have to go. First, head to the Memorial Hall on the space rig. Next, head to the Promotion terminal that is at the end of the Memorial Hall. Once there, promote your character and done. Congrats! You have promoted your first character. Now, best to be on your way before Mission Control gets only your case! And remember to mine for Rock and Stone!

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