Path of Exile: Beating Harvest’s Heart of the Grove

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Path of Exile: Harvest gives players the choice to either take things easy or go for the high-risk high-reward approach, especially for PoE Currency. The latter, however, is no walk in the park, since it’s a grove. Kidding aside, we know you need help in taking down the Heart. For that, here are a few essential tips to keep in mind.

Finally Having a Heart

Before you can stop the Heart, you have to first make your grove grow one. To do that, you need to plant a Tier 4 seed, and for that, you need to plant Tier 3 seeds around a crop. When you finally have fully grown crops of the same color, then it is Path of Exile harvest time!

The following are Path of Exile Tier 4 seeds:

  • Wild Thornfruit
  • Vivid Scalefruit
  • Primal Blisterfruit

Beat a monster from a Tier 4 seed and you’ll finally have the chance to grow the Heart of the Grove. While it may seem easy to grow because it doesn’t require irrigation, you’ll need 100 maps for it, which is no easy feat.

Should you be able to accomplish it but fail to beat it, no worries, it will respawn again. However, we all know how much time and resources you’re going to need once more, so it’s quite a bummer. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we’re trying to make sure won’t happen again. With that win, you’ll finally get that delicious PoE currency.

The Heart is a Muscle

The Heart of the Grove’s boss is no pushover as it’s a Shaper-level boss. Its only disadvantage compared to the long-running PoE boss that has become the benchmark of many PoE builds is that the Heart’s boss is stationary.

That, however, just means he can’t get close to you if you choose to stay away. She can reposition herself by teleportation. But, thankfully, Grinding Gear Games finally fixed the problem teleporting bosses had before by putting an icon on the map to where the Heart’s boss is.

Color-Coded Damage Prevention

What makes Heart of the Grove’s boss interesting is that it’s more like a theme park MMO boss than a top-down hack-and-slash one, in a sense that its got phases that you need to watch out for.

Thankfully, it’s easy to do so, as they’re color-coded:

  • Orange – She will cast Sacred Suffering, a yellow patch on the ground that will spread and deal damage. Break her wall before this skill is completed.
  • Violet – She will summon an Orb of Thorns that shoots out projectiles. Take cover to avoid damage.
  • Green – She will use a Vine Hammer, which will send out an AoE ripple once she smashes it onto the ground. Thankfully, she will charge it up first, giving you more than enough time to get out of the way.
  • Blue – She will use Volatile Orchard, which will send out snakes that turn into damage-dealing balls. Run away from them. Thankfully, like her other spells, they have a charging time, which means you’ll have enough time to get out of the way as well.

Watch out for these moves and put out lots of damage and you’ll surely be able to beat the Heart of the Grove.

And if you’re not content with just beating Heart of the Grove, you can also accomplish the challenge it has to offer: harvesting the heart without being affected by any of the boss’s four skills. There are four achievements for this one corresponding to each skill, so do your best and get yourself that achievement and the bragging rights that come along with it.

With these know-hows, we hope that you give the Heart a successful operation. After all, you worked hard in Path of Exile Harvest, and that is why you deserve this win.

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