3 Great Path Of Exile Leveling Items You Can Farm Solo

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Path of Exile focuses on builds. That includes items as well as your character’s stats and skills. Today we’re going to take a look at three items you don’t have to spend any PoE currency on and are pretty great to boot.

The equipment might not fit your final build, but these items are certainly useful. They can carry you as you level up, but players mostly use crafted items in the endgame. You’d need to plan a build around them to be effective in the later stages of the game. Also, the game’s item drop mechanics don’t guarantee that you’ll get them, so you may have to make an extra effort and farm them.

At any rate, let’s take a look at how to find these items in Path of Exile.


The Oni-Goroshi is a six-linked unique Charan’s sword. It’s listed as a one-handed sword despite not allowing anything to be equipped in the off-hand. It also raises your chances of getting a critical hit (the values vary, though), as well as adds 2-3 physical damage to your attacks. Using it will also grant you the ‘Her Embrace‘ buff as you attack. Lastly, it provides a chance to convert a very small portion of your life and shield into fire damage when you set an enemy on fire.

You can get this sword by defeating Hillock in the Twilight Strand. Defeating the boss in a modified encounter is a guarantee that you’ll get it. Be warned that you cannot repeat the instance if you go to Lionseye’s Watch after defeating him. Go to the character selection screen and wait a minute and a half to reset the instance and try again. You may have to do this many, many times before getting one.

Tabula Rasa

On its own, the robe Tabula
doesn’t do much. It offers no defense, but it has six white sockets
which can take any color gems. Depending on how you fill those sockets, it can
be a powerful addition to your armory.

Get it by collecting 9
Humility divination cards
and trading them for it. You can find the cards
by defeating enemies in the Blood
, Channel, the Aqueduct, and Waterways. A clearing build is beneficial to farming, as you can
clear enemies quickly and do more runs. Unless you have insane luck to get all
9 in one run, you’re going to repeat clearing the areas multiple times.


Loreweave is a ringmail that confers a variety of bonuses. Like the other two other items in this article, it has six sockets. The bonuses it provides are an increase to physical damage, all attributes, critical strike chance, maximum energy shield, maximum life, maximum mana, item drop rate, elemental damage, and maximum resistance. Percentages vary, and no two items would have the same values.

To get it, you need to trade in 60 unique rings to a vendor. Where to get these rings is a topic for another article, though. Delving seems a good source, but you need to be near endgame to get far. Otherwise, there isn’t a single definitive way to collect all these rings.


You can get all three items without spending a single PoE orb if you’re persistent enough. They’re great options for the Solo Self-Found (SSF) league as well. It’s up to you to decide whether to get them or not. From the game’s item drop system, it could be a long time before you get them. They’re good equipment, but you can’t rely on them to clear endgame content. As you level up, they’re very useful, but they can’t complement your build like how custom crafted items can.

Whether you get them or not, continue enjoying Path of Exile.

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