7 Tech Gift Ideas For This Christmas

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Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents! Ensure you get something unique and cool that friends or family will love. Here are seven epic tech gift ideas you may want to consider.

Apple Air Tags

Apple Air Tags are the ultimate Christmas present for someone who loves Apple products. These bad boys wirelessly sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and help you find all of your lost stuff! How many times have you lost something that was right there in front of you? You can attach one to expensive key chains, wallets, laptops – anything really! And if it comes detached from an item, the alarm will sound so long as they’re within 100 feet of each other.

It’s perfect for finding keys on a boat ride home at night after spending way too much money buying drinks at happy hour! The battery lasts about two years before needing replacement which is pretty great considering how often people tend to lose their things these days.

Oculus Quest 2

This is a great tech gift for gamers who grew up with N64s and Playstation consoles. The Oculus Quest takes VR to the next level. Unlike its competitors, it doesn’t need any additional sensors or cords to work, so you can have full range of motion in all directions! It’s super fun and perfect if your loved one has been dying to try VR but never had anywhere they could do it comfortably before now!

Bose Quietcomfort 45

These are the best headphones for anyone who values their privacy. While not completely noise canceling, these babies will block out sounds by up to 85%, making it feel like you’re all alone in your own little world! Your ears will be perfectly isolated, so if they have a tendency of being bothered by co-workers or roommates loudly watching TV while typing on their laptop next to them, this is definitely something they’ll appreciate having around the house!

Stealth Hawk Pro Helicopter Drone

This is the perfect gift for people who are always looking to get outdoors. This helicopter drone with camera can fly up to 100 meters high and has a camera attached so you can capture all of your adventures! The battery lasts about ten minutes before needing recharging, but if they’re not too far away from home, it’s easy enough to keep bringing them back down until you have time to plug it in!

While this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, picky friends or family members that seem hard-to-please will definitely appreciate something like this. And who knows? They might even take an interest in photography after being introduced to drone shots!

Garmin Fenix 6 Solar

This watch is perfect for athletes and fitness fans. It’s also a great gift if they’ve been trying to get into hiking but just found it way too time-consuming or cumbersome to take along heavy equipment with them! This thing can stand up against harsh weather conditions, making it the ultimate accessory when going out on outdoor adventures of any kind.

Best of all? You don’t have to worry about charging this bad boy because the solar panel does that for you! How many times has your phone died while attempting to navigate through an unfamiliar forest route? With this wristwatch, there won’t be any more guessing where north is so long as they know which direction their shadow was in at noon!

The options are truly endless with the Garmin Fenix. It’s the ultimate wearable tech gift for anyone who loves to be active and wants a little extra help staying on top of things!

Xbox Fridge

This is the perfect gift for gamers and people who are always looking to have a colder beverage on hand. This mini-fridge looks just like an Xbox One X console, so it’s guaranteed to fit in with any living room setup! It can hold a few cans of beer, which makes sharing one less thing you have to worry about when inviting friends over.

Sonos Beam Gen 2 Smart Soundbar

For anyone who’s ever wanted to feel like they’re in their own personal movie theater, this is the ultimate tech gift. Sonos Beam has voice command capabilities, so your loved one can control it with nothing but a wave of their hand or by talking into thin air! It features four different sound modes (movie, music, dialogue, and night) that adjust automatically depending on what kind of audio content you put on, which makes it perfect for people who get annoyed when everything sounds too loud or not quite right.

This device truly does wonders at bringing out all the details in movies without sounding too muffled! If you know someone who loves watching YouTube videos while working away on something else, this might be exactly what they need to up their game and get more done!

In conclusion, if you’re struggling to pick out a gift for someone this season, look no further than these awesome gadgets! Each one of them is guaranteed to be at least somewhat useful and provide your friends or family with some extra entertainment throughout the year.

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