The Best Video Games Websites of 2021

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The video gaming industry is now a huge business and the community of creators, players, and eSports stars is bigger than ever. Given that they are united by a love of technology, it is unsurprising to learn that websites are one of the most popular channels for communication. As such, the role of web design within the video games sector cannot be emphasized enough. 

With the industry’s global worth standing at $138bn, there is a lot of scope for websites to serve multiple purposes. Some of the most popular solutions include but are not limited to;

  • Playing games online
  • Discussing games with other players
  • Writing about games or fan fiction
  • Streaming games or providing tutorials
  • Buying games and accessories

Video games have been one of the hottest topics for the online community over the past 25 years. Video game web design and content have progressed alongside the evolving online landscape. Here are five of the best video game websites of 2021.

Addicting Games – Best for free online gaming

First and foremost, gamers want to play games. Free online games, especially browser-based games, are very highly sought. The simple yet engaging titles are the perfect way to kill a little time or take a break from work. Addicting Games has been one of the ‘go-to’ sites for many years.

The website appeared our list of best places to play free online games. The company’s list of over 1,500 games across multiple genres including car, puzzle, action, shooting, cards, and more has entertained users for nearly 20 years. However, the $35m takeover of Enthusiast Gaming has taken the domain to a whole new level.

Addicting Games will provide hours of fun while the navigational menu makes it very easy to find the type of game that you actually want to play. Meanwhile, the site’s design provides fast loading times and a smooth gaming experience. Millions of players from around the world have enjoyed the platform for years and continue to use it to this day.

Steam – Best for paid online gaming

The days of playing PC games via a floppy disk died out many years ago. However, anyone that grew up with CD ROMs will find that this tech has become obsolete too. In fact, many computers and laptops don’t even have a CD drive included. Games are now played through cloud computing and video game digital distribution services. Steam is #1.

While Google Stadia has shaken up the industry, Steam is still the best place to buy and play PC games. Steam released over 10,000 games from third-party publishers for the first time in 2020. This is in addition to a back catalogue that goes back to 2004. Thousands more have been added in 2021.

Steam’s website and application designs are quick, clear, and reliable. Purchased games are easily located via My Library while finding new games through browsing or active searches is an easy task. The service also lets you build a Wishlist while you can log in and access games from multiple devices.

Genvidtech – Best for interactive streaming

Live streaming has completely changed the landscape of video games. Players can now connect with people around the world and build a following of fans who watch them play and comment on their activities. With the power of quality websites like Genvidtech behind them, players can also monetise their gaming activities. 

Genvidtech, which was designed by CB Website Design, enables truly interactive live streams where viewers become active participants. It provides solutions that work on any streaming platform to connect fans on any suitable device. The toolkits are easily used while the web design features ensure that content creators and streamers can maximise their output.

For some gamers, it is a chance to connect with other players and enhance their gaming experiences while earning a little money on the side. For the biggest video gaming content creators, it opens the door to a lucrative career. Genvidtech gives them the best chance of making this happen while simultaneously keeping viewer interests in mind.

Nintendo Life – Best for video gaming blogging

There are thousands of blogs dedicated to video gaming but Nintendo Life stands out as one of the very best. As the name suggests, it is limited to discussing all things Nintendo – which means PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players will need to look elsewhere – but it’s hard to ignore the quality of content.

With multiple articles posted every single day, it is one of the most active blogs in the industry. Moreover, it covers everything from news and reviews to nostalgic features and opinion pieces. It also helps gamers learn about the latest modifications while the Nintendo Life community can also discuss an array of topics via the formula.

While the content is amazing, it is also great to see a crisp, clean web design with easy navigation. That’s something many video game blogs fail to do as they try to add fancy gimmicks – to the detriment of the UX. The classic Nintendo colour scheme of red, black, and white works well too.

Special Effect – Best for accessible gaming

The power of video games is often underestimated. It can change lives for the better, not least through accessible gaming. Companies like Able Gamers and Special Effect are changing the landscape for gamers who need a little extra help. It creates an inclusive gaming environment by helping disabled gamers play.

Special Effect is a resource to inform disabled gamers and their families about features like Xbox Accessibility Controllers while also providing incredible features like StarGaze and EyeGaze Games. The work done by the charity changes lives for the better, helping players with physical disabilities and motor skill issues.

The website itself is simple to use while it avoids harsh colour schemes and elements that could cause problems for users. Crucially, the content is informative and reassuring for the people who can benefit from accessible gaming. For that reason, it’s one of the most important sites in the industry.

The Final Word

Websites and web design linked to video gaming have come a long way since the turn of the century, with huge progress seen in the last five years in particular. Whether you’re looking to play, create, or educate, the possibilities are endless. Game on!

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