Battle Royale Comparison: Apex Legends vs Fortnite vs Battlefield V Firestorm

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Ever since PUBG popularized the Battle Royale genre, almost every player-versus-player oriented game wanted to get in on the bandwagon. However, none of them managed to achieve success more than Fortnite‘s version of it—though it is worth noting that Apex Legends is hot on its heels. EA‘s Battlefield V has also recently joined the ranks.

For players new to the genre, including those who are considering buying an Apex Legends account or a Fortnite one, it may be confusing. Why should you play Fortnite, Battlefield V, or Apex Legends over others? Is one necessarily better than the others?

This article will try to answer those questions by comparing the three games side by side.

The Similarities

The obvious similarity is, of course, the whole Battle Royale thing. Sixty to a hundred players enter, one player or squad leaves, all while a lethal storm closes in around the players. Players also have to scavenge for weapons, ammo, and armor as they go. That is the whole concept of a Battle Royale anyway, so it’s no wonder these games are similar.

That’s pretty much it for the similarities, though. Each game adds different features for players to enjoy as they try to survive.

The Differences


As the leading game in the genre, Fortnite will go first. The most obvious unique feature of this game is the player’s ability to construct structures. They can build almost anything from simple walls for quick first aid to elaborate towers or structures meant to trap unsuspecting rivals. Players do have to collect the necessary materials for construction, though. They have to find a balance between collecting materials, scavenging for weapons, and surviving in general.

Weapons in the game are ranked by rarity, and higher rarities will perform better than lower ones. Otherwise, there isn’t much of a difference between different rarities. Players find these weapons from chests, vending machines, or other random places as they can be dropped by other players.

Lastly, gliding is an option for long-distance travel. There’s the limitation that you have to start somewhere high if you want to get far, but players can build a tower in order to circumvent it.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a whole different beast altogether. Players are able to choose a character to play a role in the squad. Each character has a different set of abilities unique to them, similar to a MOBA. For example, Octane can set up a bounce pad, Pathfinder can set up zip lines, and Mirage can turn invisible. It lets players explore different strategies and methods to survive and be the victor.

The game also differs in how it handles weapons. Guns don’t have ranks but can be customized thru attachments. Those attachments have different effects depending on their level. It urges the players to move around to find the best weapons and attachments, especially in the Hot Zones.

Battlefield V Firestorm

The youngest entry in the genre, Firestorm hasn’t found its footing yet. It doesn’t have class-specific abilities like Apex, nor any features like forts in Fortnite. In certain aspects, it just put a Battle Royale mode of the game. For now, it runs like a generic game, but there’s definitely potential for the future.

It does, however, reward stealth play more than the other games. When survival is the object of the game, you really have to do whatever you can, even if that means hiding from other players. It’s also the only Battle Royale that makes use of an impressive ring of fire to herd players into the safe zone. The said ring incinerates everything in its path as it shrinks.

Hopefully, it grows to a better version of itself in the near future.

The Conclusion

For all their similarities, these three games all play differently. They require different strategies and play styles, even if at the core, they’re pretty much the same. So it really depends on what you prefer. Do you want a more strategic experience or one where you can just chillax and have fun?

In the end, what’s important is that you figure out which one you enjoy the most. If you’re quitting one for the others, you may want to check out a Fortnite or Apex account calculator. They’ll tell you how much an account is worth. Whether you’ll play Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Battlefield V, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

See you there!

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