Unbound: Worlds Apart is an Atmospheric Puzzle Game With Unique Reality-Shifting Mechanics

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Unbound: Worlds Apart is an upcoming puzzle platformer where you take on the role of Soli, a mysterious wizard who can travel between two different worlds seemingly at will. The debut project of Romanian indie developer Alien Pixel Studios, Unbound: Worlds Apart was officially unveiled yesterday alongside a very promising–looking gameplay trailer. The video focuses on Unbound’s reality-shifting mechanics while also giving us a look at how they can be used to solve the game’s various puzzles. Check out the announcement trailer down below.

A Tale of Two Worlds

Unbound: Worlds Apart looks reminiscent of Playdead’s Limbo but isn’t quite as bleak and eerie. The developers describe the game’s setting as a dark fairytale, which definitely comes across thanks to Unbound’s storybook-inspired art style. Alien Pixel Studios did a very good job with the visuals, especially when considering that the devs created two distinct worlds for players to explore.

Gameplay-wise, Unbound: Worlds Apart tries to stand out by including a very interesting reality-shifting mechanic. Soli’s magical powers allow players to conjure portals to another world that can either help or hinder their progress. For the most part, it looks like the player will primarily travel through a fairly colorful world that contains a large amounts of puzzles and platforming sections. In addition, Soli can also access a darker dimension that seems to feature fewer puzzles but a lot more dangerous creatures.

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Opening portals to the dark dimension looks to be mandatory in order to solve many of the game’s puzzles, but watch out because you never know what might be lurking on the other side. It’s a bit hard to say at this time if the player can open portals anywhere they want or just during certain sections of the game. From what we’ve seen so far of Unbound: Worlds Apart, it does seem like this is an ability that can be activated at will. Hopefully, that ends up being the case.


Unbound: Worlds Apart Needs a Bit More Time in the Oven

Alien Pixel Studios have been working on Unbound: Worlds
Apart full time since June 2018 and the game has been shaping up very nicely so
far. However, the developers need more funds in order to properly polish the
game and release it in a timely manner so they’re planning to launch a
Kickstarter campaign on May 7th.


“Because the game is shaping up nicely and the project grew up to be more than just a ‘spare time gig’, we found ourselves in need of funds to continue the development without having to compromise on the quality or the content of our vision,“said Game Designer Sergiu Craitoiu. “Bringing Unbound to Kickstarter will not only give us a possibility to finance the development of the game, but it will also keep us on our toes and ensure we are committed to our community. We see it as a promise to our players to deliver the best game we possibly can next year.”

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