Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Expansion Quick Overview

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Here’s what’s in store for you in the new expansion:

A New Location

Elsweyr is the homeland of the Khajiit. It was formerly a paradise for its people until the Usurper Queen came. She brought on death and destruction, and the land became unrecognizable. Entire towns and villages were overrun by the undead, while others were burned to cinders by dragons.

However, hope sprung eternal, as heroes rose up to defend the land from these threats. Will you join the fight against the tyrannical queen?

A New Class

The expansion will add a new class to the roster, the Necromancer. A master of reanimating the dead and manipulating flesh and bone, the Necromancer uses Living Death magic. The new skill lines they’ll open are the Grave Lord, Bone Tyrant, and Living Death.

Grave Lords are the ‘elementalists’, giving their undead minion army elemental properties. They can then unleash hell upon their enemies by sending unending hordes of fire, ice, or lightning zombies. Fallen enemies can even be added to their army, further strengthening their assault.

Bone Tyrants manipulate the bones around them. They can create barriers or other structures to turn the tides of battle in their favor. At their strongest, they can become bone goliaths that crush all who stand in their way.

Living Deaths are supporters. Drawing their power from life and death, they can both heal and resurrect their allies. Other effects of their skills can replenish stamina or magicka as well as remove status effects.


That’s right. Skyrim’s most annoying and ever-present enemies will be available to fight this June. Dragons will swoop down upon you as you do the most mundane of tasks. Expect one to find you while you gather materials or talk to an NPC. However, your character in ESO is no Dovahkiin, so you might have a bit more of a challenge to defeat these new enemies.

New Features

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The new area will bring a new chapter to the game’s story. New costumes, mounts, and pets will also be available. You can also expect additional options for character customization. Plus, there will be a new Trialcalled Sunspire.

New to the game? Don’t worry! The expansion will be accessible from the start. Whether you’re a veteran or a humble beginner, you can enjoy what Elsweyr will offer straight from the get-go. The release is still a few months away, so there’s still time to get your levels up to par if you’re new.

It’s a good time to start or return to The Elder Scrolls Online. The expansion will drop on the 4th of June, but there’s a good amount of content to go through from the past expansions. Have fun exploring the Elder Scrolls universe!

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