Every Cancelled DC Show and Movie

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After the acquisition of Warner Brothers by Discovery there were quite a many rumbling around. About what will the future of WB as a Studio along with its many DC properties would go. We got answers with showing revelations. The movie landscape was rocked with Warner Bros canceled several of its shows and movies. These are quite a few DC movies and shows being cancelled along with the fears of the future of several of the existing ones.

Batgirl : Movie

It came as an industry-shaking move when Warner Bros. announced that they were canceling Batgirl despite the movie already being in the can. DC canceled the flick which was set to star Leslie Grace as the titular character and had Michael Keaton reprising his Bruce Wayne/ Batman role, JK Simmons on Jim Gordon, and Brendan Fraser as the villain Firefly. But though having completed filming, the flick wasn’t meant to be. I eman this would have been a sure bet with the popularity of Batman but i guess not.

Following the DC cancellation announcement, it seemed that the movie’s vision and scope just didn’t align with new CEO David Zaslav’s plan for the DCEU. His plan seemed like i wanted to be all into new high budget movies. Unlike Batgirl which is relative medium budget. The word that it was “better” for Warner Bros. To take a tax break rather than release the film riled fans, critics, and moviemakers alike. But it wasn’t enough to turn the tide on the movie. This DC canceled movie will be cancelled for now. And with a budget of 90 Million Dollars Batgirl is one of the biggest movie cancellations in history.

Strange Adventures : TV Series

Based on the excellent DC comic book by Tom King. This planned series was announced all the way back in 2019 with Greg Berlanti as Showrunner. It was set to be a superhero anthology series on HBO Max. Very little information about the series had been given over the years. Kevin Smith weighed in recently that it looked like the show wasn’t going to make it in this merger.

He said that he’d been working on an episode of the series that was going to feature Jimmy Olsen and Perry White. And that i shows then taken to a different universe to face Bizarro, an alternate version of Superman. Smith thought that costs likely played a part in why DC canceled it. Quoting that a series like this with a new story and set of heroes each week would have been expensive. 

Wonder Twins : Movie

The Wonder Twins (Zan and Jayna) are a fictional extraterrestrial twin brother and sister superhero duo who first appeared in Hanna-Barbera‘s American animated television series The All-New Super Friends Hour. They over time appeared in several DC comics and TV shows.

he planned movie was set to have a $75 million budget in a reimagining of the Zan and Jayna characters. KJ Apa and Isabel May had been cast in the lead roles and things looked full steam ahead. But it didn’t look like this property or the popularity of the Wonder Twins was going to be enough to warrant this type of budget from the studio. The film was developed with an intended streaming release, exclusively through HBO Max. It reason for canceled was attributed budget cuts at Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Flash : CW TV Series

Grant Gustin’s series has run for eight seasons on The CW and there is a ninth on the way. But that’s going to be it for the character with the announcement in March that DC canceled it. And this season would be the final run And it looks like it is going to get an abbreviated number of episodes as well.

Again, likely as part of the cost-cutting measure and an effort to wrap up the story once and for all, fans will have one more go-around with the speedster. But unlike modst shows this is a show which has dragged on for too long. And it has been a long time coming.

Batwoman : CW TV Series

This series had all kinds of issues from the start. Ruby Rose left after one season and was replaced by Javicia Leslie. While they tried to pick up somewhat where things left off, the show never really recovered ratings-wise and it was DC canceled after three seasons. It’s the same as the flash where this show barely is any good just after 3 seasons.


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