The Batman Review : Dark, Moody and Damn Good

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The Character of Batman is knows as the world’s greatest detective in the comics but in this decades of movie portrayals that aspect was never explored. With most of them leaning towards the action ninja aspect of Batman. “The Batman” directed by Matt Reeves stands out as it strives to explore that aspect of this storied Character. The Batman is not an action flick but undoubtedly is a detective movie with a few action scenes.

The Batman Review : Dark, Moody and Damn Good

And that is the expectation one must have going into the movie. The story takes place 2 years after Batman has started fighting crime in Gotham. He is working with lieutenant Jim Gordan while the rest of the police are sceptical of a masked Vigilante. The origin of the character is never rethread in the movie and is mostly left to assumption. This is when someone starts murdering high ranking officials while proclaiming himself as the Riddler. The stage is set for the characters of Batman and Gordon to figure out the mystery from the clues left behind by the Riddler. And as a relatively new vigilante Bruce Wayne aka Batman is still figuring out to be a Vigilante.

This is something i wont go into more details as i think the mystery is something to be enjoyed without spoilers. The Story takes Batman through the seedy underbelly of Gotham as he tries to uncover what is happening. And this might sound odd but this the most Batman we ever had in a movie. Almost 95 percent of the film does not have Bruce Wayne as it is clearly shown that he has yet figure out a balance between his life as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

This is elevated by the fact that the cast is on point in their portrayals. Robert Pattinson is really good at being the Batman but his Bruce Wayne is still a recluse as told before. Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordan is excellent and his Dynamic with Batman is Endearing, funny and really interesting. Zoƫ Kravitz in the role of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is excellent and her rapport with Batman is on point. The characters worked well for me together on a whole. Paul Dano as the Riddler and Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin are great in their roes. This is not mentioning the most prominent Character of the movie the city of Gotham Itself.

Gotham in most Batman movie feels like it is just an another major city. But here it feels grimy and like a cesspool of crime and misery. It feels like a place which would spawn these characters and where crime is high and politicians corrupt. A city whose best hope is a masked vigilante running around and enforcing justice. It is just excellent in execution. But the movie not without its flaws, it is long for instance almost 3 hours and i think the pacing is a bit off. But other than that the movie is a triumph is most instances

I would recommend watching this movie to almost anyone, maybe not children as the movie can get pretty brutal with its murders. But In the end “The Batman” is an excellent detective thriller where the caped crusader finally earns the tile of “The World’s Greatest Detective ” on the big Screen.



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