The Boys – Season 3 Review : The best Season yet

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The Boys just finished its 3rd season and its the best season yet. It is rare for a show to just keep getting better. Especially after such a fantastic 1st and 2nd seasons but the show has managed it. The Showrunner Eric Kripke has managed to make a fantastic season. And it which raises the stakes while setting all the pieces in motion for the future of the Series.

This is the season which finally shows why and how the Boys have an actual chance against the supes that they have been going against. This is also the season is all about stripping and exploring the depth of all the characters. This review is not gonna have much spoilers as i would recommend seeing the season spoiler free.

Breaking up the boys

The season started with all our main characters being together. And at the start they are all in a relatively good place from the end of the second season. But as the season goes the group breaks up into three groups as they descend into chaos. With Butcher and Hughie trying their best to control Soldier boy as played by Jensen Ackles. Solider Boy is an excellent addition as an analogy of a realistic Captain America. He is out of touch, racist and misogynistic but at the same time being somewhat charming. He is a horrible person and a great foil for them both as they slip into a rut where they take temporary superpowers. Jensen Ackles is excellent and fit in with the cast great.

The rest of the boys are off with their own problems. MM and Starlight remain the heart of the group going against trying to protect others. Kimiko and Frenchie do get a bit sidelined this season but it balances out by the end.

Draw of the Show

The main draw of the show has always been the antagonism between Karl Urban‘s Butcher and Antony Starr‘s Homelander. And they have an excellent conversation with each other which sum up the seaosn and the characters.

Butcher and Homelander

They talk about how both of them are horrible people who will eventually end up killing each other, damn the world. All about Scorched Earth but even this agreement slowly falls apart as the show goes on. All this while the show set up perfectly for its next season. The Boys even with its excessive gore and nudity is one of the best superhero streaming right now, maybe alongside Invincible. It is mature and extremely well written and does not compromise in any way for its story. Unlike most of the MCU. The Boys is concerned with telling a shocking, well written and satirical superhero story filled with sex, gore and politics. And it succeeds in most fronts. I am very excited what this series hold for the fans in the future withy it upcoming spin-off and season 4.



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