Airoheart Is An Action-RPG From Pixel Heart Studios

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SOEDESCO has announced that its action RPG with the 16-bit pixel art style, Airoheart, will launch on September 30 for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC. In order to celebrate the announcement, SOEDESCO released a brand new gameplay trailer for Airoheart, which you can find below.

Airoheart is a story-based, Zelda- inspired indie-adventure game, taking players back years with its nostalgic art design. It is hard to categorize Airoheart because numerous functions work together in the game. Exploring, role-playing, interacting with NPCs, and following the story are exactly what defines the upcoming RPG best as far as we know from the dev team. Airoheart will have an open world featuring dangerous monsters that want to slay you before your character strengthen himself with new equipment.

Players will be able to learn magical abilities while exploring the vast, charming world filled with threats. There will also be complex puzzles to solve as you can expect from a platformer game. As you discover its engaging world, you will unlock new areas to roam in. Put on your armor and sword, get your potions, and do not hesitate to use your spells when you need them.

Airoheart is being developed by Heart Pixel Studio, creating mobile games for Android devices. Pixel Hearth Studio is a small developer team based in Australia, trying to glorify retrogaming with unique titles. According to the team, Airoheart will take place in the land of Engard, where players will embark on a new journey to prevent the protagonist’s brother from unleashing an ancient demon.

Airoheart will come out on September 30 for all platforms, including Switch. You can add the game to your wishlist and find out the official system requirements on its Steam store page.

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