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Did you know that 63 percent of adults in the United States of America are gamers? Some of the most popular games to play amongst gamers are first-person shooters, and in games like that your FPS aim is everything. You’ll have a hard time finding success with shooting games if you can’t improve your aim.

Reaction time will help you get the jump on other players but that isn’t enough to guarantee success. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about how to train for games that require FPS aim so you can have more success with shooting games.

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Understand Your Weaknesses

Many gamers train for games without determining what their weaknesses are or how to fix them. You need to analyze your playing style and find the things that are holding you back. If you’re finding that your aim isn’t very good then you can find ways to train and improve your aim through things like mini-games.

Adjust Sensitivity

Whether you’re using a mouse or a controller, a great strategy to improve FPS aim for games that require shooting is to adjust the sensitivity of your aiming. There isn’t much more that you can change that will allow you to have the stability to match your reaction time.

Customize Crosshair Size

One thing that many people find helpful when trying to get better at first-person shooters is changing the crosshair size and design. Smaller crosshairs make it easier to aim your shots in an accurate fashion compared to massive crosshairs. You can also try going with a dot crosshair versus a cross or a box.

Control Your Recoil

Odds are that you have some serious recoil when you’re shooting in your first-person shooters. A big tip that you should use when you’re trying to improve your FPS aim is to learn how to control your recoil and use it to your advantage. Tapping is often more effective for rapid but accurate fire compared to holding the trigger and spraying a bunch of bullets in a general direction.

Avoid Running While Shooting

Running while attempting to shoot is another big mistake to avoid because you’ll be less accurate this way. Your bullet spread will be much larger if you’re trying to move or run while shooting at another player or a target. Try to move in a steady fashion where you’re ready to shoot rather than sprinting around when you’re playing shooting games for better results.

Take Your FPS Aim to New Heights

Your FPS aim and reaction time are two of the biggest factors that determine your success when you’re playing your favorite shooting games. If you’re having trouble with first-person shooters then you should try adjusting your aim sensitivity and crosshair size. You should also try tapping when shooting and avoid sprinting while firing at targets.

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