IEM Dallas 2022: ENCE and BIG Qualified For The Semifinals

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After IEM Katowice 2022 and ESL Season 15, the best teams around the world set their sights on IEM Dallas 2022, the fourth big tournament of the Intel Grand Slam Season. The group stage of IEM Dallas has come and gone with ENCE and BIG securing their spot in the semifinals thanks to their consistent performance throughout last week. This time, ENCE took their revenge on the defending Major champion, FaZe Clan, in the upper bracket finals with an astonishing 18-6 win on Nuke. FaZe Clan will kick off their playoff run from the quarterfinals, where they will face off against Cloud9. ENCE, on the flip side, started waiting for their opponent to make their way to the grand finals.

BIG completed group B in first place by taking the hammer down on FURIA Esports. They showed exceptional performance on Mirage, and Nuke, Florian “syrsoN“led his team to victory with a +18 KDA score and 1.22 rating. BIG is the other team waiting for their next rival to demonstrate they will not be an underdog for the rest of the tournament. FURIA, on the other hand, will meet G2 Esports in the quarterfinals.

Cloud9 survived against NIP and Team Liquid in the lower bracket to keep their title hopes alive. After losing to FURIA in the upper bracket round 2, Cloud9 demolished NIP and TL without giving a single match. Their playoff run will start with a suicide mission against the reigning champion, FaZe Clan. Cloud9 will need to be on their lucky day to eliminate FaZe Clan, considering the CS:GO juggernaut took part in IEM Dallas to hoist their fourth consecutive trophy of the year. Their fast-approaching battle will kick off on June 4.

Another team that got through the lower bracket is G2 Esports from group A. The European representative dismantled Astralis in round 2 before defeating Team Vitality 2-0 in the do-or-die series. Niko has always maintained his high standard even though G2 Esports struggled against some rivals.

Top six teams from the group stage will meet in the playoffs to continue their championship run. Teams were matched in a single-elimination bracket, which means none of them, including first seed ENCE and BIG, have a chance to lose. Matches will be bo3 while the grand finals will be bo5. The opening quarterfinal series, which is set to play between FURIA and G2 Esports will begin on June 3. You can watch all the playoffs and group matches from the official ESL Twitch channel.

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