T1 Will Meet RNG in the 2022 MSI Finals

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T1 advanced to the 2022 MSI Finals after sweeping G2 Esports 3-0 in today’s semifinal series led by their legendary mid laner, Faker. As most fans expected, T1 made their way to the grand finals to reward this exceptional season with an international trophy. G2, on the other hand, will return home with a great disappointment from their inferior performance throughout the series. The European representative will look for a fresh start for the upcoming season.

The defending MSI champion, Royal Never Give Up, will face off against T1 in the grand finals, which is set to play tomorrow. You can watch all the final series from the official Lolesports Twitch channel. Will T1 hoist the MSI trophy in their own land, South Korea, or will Royal Never Give Up bring home the title two years in a row? We will have the answer tomorrow when this thrilling grand final series is complete.

G2 Esports vs T1

T1 kicked off the series with a dominant performance on the blue side. Faker picked Tristana against Galio to scale for the late game, where Galio will be useless compared to the opponent champions. In the top lane, Zeus did a great work against Gangplank, and there was a Tristana with three kills and more than a hundred minions before 11 minutes. T1 snowballed the match by chasing skirmishes around the map, and game 1 was easier than they expected.

In the second match, G2 remained more competitive against T1 and found several winnable fights around the river. However, Leblanc was on Faker’s hand, and he took Ahri under pressure from the lane phase. Caps was on one of his worst days as he tried irrational moves that resulted in Keria punishing him with Nautilus. From a certain point, G2 could not stand against T1’s intense pressure, and the series was heading towards sweeping.

Game 3 showed off that G2 were mentally devastated. Even Evil Geniuses took the game up to the 43rd minute against RNG, but G2 disbanded in 20 minutes. Fans expect them to fight with their everything in the do-or-die series, but G2 chose to die. T1 closed out the semifinal series with no resistance and secured their spot at the 2022 MSI Finals.

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