MSI 2022: T1, RNG, G2, and Evil Geniuses advanced to the knockout stage

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The rumble stage of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational has come and gone, with all major league representatives securing their spot in the knockout stage. The defending champion, Royal Never Give Up, tied in first place thanks to their outstanding performance in pivotal matches. Although the Chinese team lost the closing game of the stage against T1, eight wins were enough for RNG to take the advantage of picking their opponent in the semifinals. T1, who finished in second place ahead of G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses, could not show off their best form that captivated the whole world throughout the spring.

PSG Talon kept their hopes alive until the last day, but eventually, the VCS representative has been eliminated from the MSI 2022 after their loss against Royal Never Give Up. We have mentioned before that fans should not expect PSG to be as good as last year because they lost their probably best two players. The group stage was not bright for them, but somehow PSG made their way to the rumbling stage. They will now look for the Summer Split to secure their spot at Worlds.

Saigon Buffalo, on the other hand, did their best throughout the rumbling stage, considering they were out of international competition for two years. Vietnamese team squeezed G2 Esports and PSG Talon and returned home by garnering accolades from fans.

G2 were nearly out of the knockout stage

G2 Esports continues to be the funniest team of the tournament. European champion opened up the rumbling stage with four phenomenal wins and tied in first place ahead of T1 and RNG. However, in the second round robin, there was a totally different team on the rift playing under the band of G2. Macro decisions and drafts were implausible, which resulted in five consecutive losses that put them behind EG in the standings before their final match. G2 defeated EG to complete the rumbling stage in third place.

The knockout stage, where top four teams from the previous phase will battle it out, is set to begin on Friday, May 27, with semifinal matchups. RNG have not picked their opponent yet, so it is unknown who T1 will face off. You can watch all the elimination series` from the official Lolesports Twitch and YouTube channel.

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