MSI 2022 Preview Series: Evil Geniuses

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We have a new champion that will compete in the MSI tournament for the first time in the organization’s long-standing history, Evil Geniuses. After taking down the defending champion in the 2022 LCS Spring Finals, Evil Geniuses qualified for the MSI 2022 to leave their mark on another battle with their mixed roster of rookies and veterans. Mid-Season Invitational is set to begin after two days, so not to miss any information on the participants, do not forget to take a quick look at our previous posts, which feature all the details you need to know.

Nobody expected EG to claim the trophy

Evil Geniuses have always been a competitor in recent years. However, they were never expected to claim the trophy before, even though EG had at least one standout player in their starting lineup. Especially this Spring, EG were not even considered for the championship, given the reigning champion, 100 Thieves, kept all five players from the previous season, and Team Liquid signed Bwipo, Hans Sama, and Bjergsen to build the best team in LCS history.

Evil Geniuses’ starting lineup includes four North American players, Impact, jojopyun, Danny, and Vulcan, and one import, Inspired, from Europe. As an organization, the best move that they made in the offseason was gaining Inspired. He was the most valuable player in the LEC, and his ability to compete against the other junglers in the league took EG one step further.

Impact, the oldest member of the team, leads his team in the macro game, while the other veteran on the roster, Vulcan, guides his potential superstar partner, Danny, in the bot lane. 18 years old exceeded the expectations with his outstanding playoff performance this season and created a new hype for his first international appearance.

EG recovered well in the playoffs

Evil Geniuses completed the regular split with an average record of 9-9 and tied in fourth place with FLY and Golden Guardians. Two tiebreakers were played to determine who will qualify for the playoffs. Evil Geniuses were even out of the playoffs if they lost to FLY in the do-or-die match.

After losing to Team Liquid in the first round, Evil Geniuses destroyed FLY and Cloud9 in the early lower bracket rounds and matched Team Liquid again in the semifinals. This time, EG adopted a new game plan that allowed Danny to carry the game. Team Liquid could not stand against EG’s shocking strategy and found themselves eliminated from the playoffs.

EG had to overcome 100 Thieves to reach their first LCS title, and all five players knew what to do against the reigning champion. The grand finals were unexpectedly one-sided with the help of 100 Thieves’ implausible drafts. Evil Geniuses hoisted the organization’s first LCS trophy while securing their spot at the MSI 2022.

Evil Geniuses will meet G2 Esports and the Oceanian representative, ORDER, in group B. They will have to beat G2 Esports to finish the group stage in first place. It should not be forgotten that these champions won’t have a chance to make up for their mistakes.

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