Euclidean Studios announced Nazralath: the Fallen World

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Another souls-like game is on the horizon, but you should keep your expectations low given that the developer studio is not as big and experienced as FromSoftware or Deck13. Serbia-based Euclidean Studios has officially announced its new dark fantasy action-adventure game inspired by the Dark Souls franchise, Nazralath: The Fallen World.

Nazralath: The Fallen World is an action RPG that offers players a vast open world full of monsters and creatures. According to the developer, Nazralath will be focusing on “compelling storytelling” and influencing players with its unique atmosphere.

‘Nazralath is the child of all of our skills, knowledge and inspirations. It’s an experience woven from the mechanics of our favorite games growing up, the texts of our favorite authors’ thematic and narrative styles, and the brush strokes of our favorite painters and digital artists. We consider it a unique and fresh take on the RPG genre, and a reincarnation of classic game design values which seem to have been lost to time.” Euclidean described the game on its official website.

A brand new trailer was also released for Nazralath: The Fallen World, which features some gameplay mechanics and cinematic scenes, to create an idea of how the game will look like in minds. Euclidean has given none additional information at the time of this writing. The studio can be expected to reveal new details about the characters and gameplay in the upcoming weeks.

As we see from the trailer and the shared screenshots, which you can find below, the venues will not be disappointing at all. Given that the game is in early development stage, Euclidean can make the game much better, tough, it should be stated that the graphics look inferior and need to be improved to avoid humiliating feedback. You can join Euclidean’s Discord channel to be informed about the development process of the game.

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