LPL 2022 Spring Split: WBG & V5 tied for first place

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Weibo Gaming closed up Week 6 of the LPL 2022 Spring Split on the top after taking down the defending champion, Edward Gaming, and LNG Esports, respectively. Victory Five also is on its way to becoming LPL’s surprise egg considering their excellent run in the regular season. Both teams tied in the first place before Week 7 began.

Here are the full results for Week 6 of the 2022 lPL Spring Split


  • V5  2 — 1  LGD
  • TES  2 — 1  FPX


  • RNG  0 — 2  RA
  • JDG  1 — 2  IG


  • OMG  1 — 2  UP
  • EDG  0 — 2  V5


  • WE  1 — 2  BLG
  • LNG  1 — 2  WBG


  • TT  1 — 2  LGD
  • AL  1 — 2  JDG
  • FPX  0 — 2  RA


  • WE  1 — 2  UP
  • WBG  2 — 1  OMG
  • TES  2 — 1  EDG


  • TT  2 — 1  FPX
  • BLG  2 — 1  JDG
  • LNG  0 — 2  V5

Chinese giant media platform Weibo purchased Suning Gaming’s LPL slot ahead of the 2022 Spring Split. The first thing they did for the upcoming season was restructure their starting roster. Legendary top laner, TheShy, joined Weibo Gaming to try his chance for a new organization.

SwordArt, the veteran shot caller, also returned home after spending one year in North America. His TSM endeavor did not go well as fans expected, considering his outstanding performance at the 2020 World Championship. The core of the former LPL starting roster, Huanfeng, Angel, and SOFM remained with the team, and the 2022 version of Suning looked like a team that could at least make it to the playoffs.

TheShy plays smarter than ever!

TheShy kicked off the season with the best possible form we last saw in 2018 when he was crowned as the World champion. He avoided risky moves that could bring her team back through the season, and that’s what the rest of Weibo Gaming wants him to do. SOFM takes the IGL role while ANGEL moves into the supportive mid-lane role for his team. Huanfeng, the carry player of the squad, met with SwordArt again, and this reunion had a positive impact on his performance.

Weibo Gaming managed to take down all their rivals, including EDG and LNG. They were expected to be threatening, but Weibo exceeded that expectation with a flawless run. There are not only two championship candidates because Weibo Gaming is also involved in that discussion.

Here is the LPL’s most up-to-date standings

Victory Five and Weibo Gaming fight for leadership

What Victory Five did so far is more impressive. Although they gained one of the best mid laner in the world ahead of the 2022 Spring, Rookie, Victory Five was expected to be a team struggling for the playoffs. Fans saw again how Rookie is the best game-changer in LoL’s competitive history.

Even though their bot lane duo is not competent enough to reach the championship, the trio on the top side of the map looked so harmonious that no one thought they would lose at one point. Providing a reliable game is their hallmark. Victory Five had a flawless Week 6, overwhelming EDG and LNG, and tied in first place with Weibo Gaming.

Edward Gaming and LNG Esports could not find their best form, but the trials continue. After closing up 2021 with two major trophies, the regular-season competition may have been boring for EDG. In the playoffs, Scout and the rest of the team will undoubtedly improve their performance.

Week 7 of the 2022 LPL Spring Season has already kicked off with two action-packed series between WE and RA, IG and LGD. The most anticipated match of the week will be played between WBG and RNG on Wednesday. You can catch all the action from LPL’s official Twitch channel.

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