MAD Lions astonish Vitality, stay on the playoff race

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MAD Lions astonish Team Vitality, stay in the playoff race

The last week of the regular season could not have kicked off better for MAD Lions. The defending champion defeated Team Vitality and made the playoff race more dramatic as everyone wanted. MAD Lions underperformed throughout the 2022 LEC Spring Split, but they still have something to say about the final standings.

The match started with MAD Lions taking the lead in the early stage of the game, but before that, Team Vitality had a controversial pick-back screen. They decided to try out the Diana-Yasuo combo, which was risky because there were some counter picks, such as Poppy and Twisted Fate. Elyoya shined in their decider match while Armut picked his favorite champion in the top lane against Alphari’s Renekton. It can be said the same thing for the bottom lane. Jinx and Alistar went to MAD while Carzzy faced off his former team with Xayah. The range difference between the two carry champions was noticeable.

MAD lions dominated the early-mid game

Neutral objectives were shared equally between MAD and VIT, and the early-mid game was shaped around Elyoya. He was where he needed to be on the map during the match. Reeker also had an excellent lane phase against Perkz’s Yasuo, which MAD needs for their last playoff spot. MAD Lions was better in skirmishes, and they took the global gold lead thanks to an outstanding performance by the Elyoya-Reeker duo. UNFORGIVEN also demolished Carzzy in the bottom lane, completing the game with a superb scoreline of 10/1/10.

After a 33-minute, tedious battle, MAD Lions took the first step for the final playoff seat by taking down LEC’s super team without resistance. The team composition VIT set up on their most important match of the regular season was open to criticism, given that they still have not secured their playoff spot.

On their remaining matches of Week 8, MAD Lions will face off Astralis and Team BDS, the two teams that have nothing to do with the playoff race. On the flip side, VIT will be playing against G2 today and Astralis tomorrow. If G2 does not allow any surprise, and Astralis beats VIT, then MAD Lions could get themselves into the playoffs. However, if VIT wins one of their two remaining matches, the reigning champion will not make it to the playoffs.

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