LEC 2022 Spring: Week 8 Preview

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We are fast approaching the playoff stage of the LEC 2022 Spring Split. With only one week left of the regular season, Week 8 is scheduled to play as superweek, which means each team will have three matches to determine their place in the standings. Last week saw Fnatic, G2, and Misfits Gaming securing their playoff spot thanks to their consistent performance throughout the season. Rogue, considerably the best European team, has already locked in the playoffs before Week 7 kick-off.

the latest league standings are as follows:

However, it seems Rogue will be tested by the other competent rosters in the playoffs. After Astralis surprisingly beat Rogue, their close rival in the standings, Fnatic showed off that Rogue was not as strong as they looked during the first round robin. Led by their superstar, Upset, Fnatic demolished Rogue, and this clean win over the leader had a positive impact on their self-confidence.

MSF fans should be happy

Misfits Gaming exceeded the expectations with their outstanding 6-game-win streak since they got dominated by Team Vitality on the second day of Week 7. They will face off Astralis, who anchored in last place, and SK Gaming, another underperformed team in the 2022 LEC Spring Split. Misfits Gaming will play their most important match of the season against the LEC’s favorite team for the crown. If they take down Fnatic, Misfits Gaming can complete the regular season in second place.

Disappointing team of the 2022 LEC Spring: MAD Lions

Although Team Vitality stands in sixth place with a balanced score of 8W7L, there is still a ray of hope for MAD and SK Gaming to make their way to the playoffs. But frankly, it is close to impossible. If Vitality loses all three matches of the upcoming week, the impossible can come true for the defending champion, MAD, or SK Gaming. First of all, MAD Lions have to win against VIT on the first day of Week 8 to push their opponent out of the playoff stage.

Both teams need to have a flawless week to jump into the playoffs. If MAD or SK Gaming lose even a single match in Week 8, they will stay out of the next competition regardless of how Vitality performs. The remaining matches between top-ranked teams will be played to determine final standings.

The remaining schedule of the LEC 2022 Spring Split is as follows:


  • SK Gaming vs Rogue
  • Misfits Gaming vs Astralis
  • Team Vitality vs MAD Lions
  • G2 Esports vs Excel
  • Fnatic vs Team BDS


  • SK Gaming vs Excel
  • MAD Lions vs Astralis
  • Team BDS vs Rogue
  • Misfits Gaming vs Fnatic
  • Team Vitality vs G2


  • SK Gaming vs Misfits Gaming
  • Team Vitality vs Astralis
  • Team BDS vs MAD Lions
  • Fnatic vs Excel
  • G2 Esports vs Rogue

You can catch all the action from the LEC’s official Twitch and YouTube channel. The match of the week expected to be breathtaking is set to play between Rogue and G2 on Sunday night.

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