How can Dying Light 2 improve?

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After many hours into Dying Light 2, it is without a doubt enjoyable to play. Many who bought Dying Light 2 will know that Techland have a plan to support the game for five years. So what can they do?


Gameplay wise there isn’t really much Dying Light 2 does wrong. Parkour was upgraded exponentially making for swifter and smoother movements for the player. Possibly they could add in some new parkour abilities, but nothing big.

Combat has been vastly improved, yet they’ve taken away some notable features many people would want back. The X-ray effect when you broke a zombie’s bone was super satisfying and for Dying Light 2 it was taken away as was throwing weapons. Throwing weapons was extremely fun and handy at times in the original. It is possible that it was taken away because you can’t repair weapons or pick up enemy weapons. . It would be great to see these small features be brought into Dying Light 2.

Boss fights. With this type of combat it isn’t easy to make good boss fights, although it’s very disappointing to just dropkick the boss into a wall and kill them instantly. The bosses were extremely easy overall with none being even somewhat difficult. This isn’t a matter of just adding to their health bar, giving the bosses good moves and having good level design, even giving them particular weak points would be an improvement.


The biggest complaints about Dying Light 2 is the story and dialogue. Often things are overexplained and struggle to hold my attention. The dialogue in general is extremely bloated. For future dlc they need to write better dialogue for characters and make a more intriguing story. Also, the amount of unnecessary cutscenes should be cut down. Often you will open a door, but a cutscene will activate to open the door and nothing else happens.

The choices were hard to care about. In reality when I made my choices I didn’t think about any characters or what will happen to the area, I picked the survivors due to the rewards they gave such as jump pads around the map and more air vents. The choices didn’t really matter all too much with the exception of a few for the story. I wish I felt the effect of my choices throughout the world and even side missions. So, exploring more effects on the world and even having special side quests when picking a side would be an addition.

Small details

Dying Light 1 was terrifying at night and the games difficulty rose rapidly in night. For the sequel, night certainly isn’t as scary. In my twenty hours of gameplay I have come across two volatiles at night. Granted they are harder now, but it takes fear away from you. It would be great to see them tweak the night system to create more terrifying chases because they’ve made brilliant changes with the likes of the immunity system.

This is a tiny complaint, nonetheless I did miss Dying Light 1’s original physics. For example when zombies fall off a building their animation can just stay the same, while in the original they reacted to their fall. It is the same with dropkicking them into spikes, they don’t plunge into the spikes as much as they used to.

It is an exciting future for Dying Light 2. With how Techland treated Dying Light 1, fans can only be excited for the five year plan for Dying Light 2.

Luke Maguire

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