Valorant Champions 2021: These are All the Teams That Qualified

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Since its release date in 2020, Valorant has reached out to over 12 million players across the globe. Just like Riot’s other competitive game League of Legends, Valorant got involved in the Esports industry expeditiously. Hundreds of professional teams and several domestic leagues came out in fewer than one year.

In 2021, there were two important events for newly established teams to accumulate enough circuit points to secure a spot in the biggest Valorant tournament of this year, Valorant Champions. Those were VCT Masters: Reykjavík and VCT Masters: Berlin. Riot spread the elimination stage throughout the year to ensure that only the strongest teams will take part in Valorant Champions.

Sixteen teams from several regions will battle it out to lift the first Valorant world championship trophy, and FPS fans are impatient to watch thrilling series between the teams with the most skilled players. Although Team Liquid could not compete in VCT Masters: Berlin, they qualified for Valorant Champions, thanks to their exceptional performance against Guild in the EMEA LCQ Finals. G2, SMB, FUT, and OXG ended the season earlier. Gambit, Acend, Team Envy, and Vision Strikers are waiting for the opponent they will face off in the first round.

After their convincing 3-0 victory over Rise in the NA LCQ Finals, Cloud9 Blue qualified for Valorant Champions and will compete against the best teams in the world. 100 Thieves, who had a remarkable journey at VCT Masters: Berlin, were knocked out in the lower bracket finals and closed the season with an unfortunate result. Valorant Champions 2021 will be held in Berlin due to travel policies in other countries such as America and China. Riot Games has confirmed that the tournament will kick off on December 2 and finish on December 12.

Here are all teams qualified for Valorant Champions

TeamRegionPlayer Roster
GambitCISChronicle, d3ffo, Sheydos, Nats, Redgar
SentinelsNorth AmericaShahZaM, sicK, zombs, dapr, TenZ
Team LiquidEMEAScreaM, soulcas, Nivera, L1NK, Jamppi
Team EnvyNorth AmericaFNS, Marved, Victor, yay, Crashies
KRÜ EsportsLatin AmericaKlaus, Mazino, nagZ, bnj, delz1k, keznit
Team VikingsBrazilgtnziN, Sacy, frz, sutecas, Saadhak
Keyd StarsBrazilheat, Jhow, v1xen, murizzz, ntk
AcendEMEABONECOLD, cNed, Kiles, starxo, zeek
FnaticEMEABoaster, Doma, Mistic, Derke, Magnum
FURIA EsportsSouth Americaxand, qck, Khalil, Nozwerr, mazin
Vision StrikersKoreaStax, rb, k1ng, BuZz, MaKo, Lakia
Crazy RaccoonJapanMedusa, neth, Munchkin, Bazzi, ade, Fisker, Minty
X10 EsportsSoutheast Asiafoxz, sushiboys, sScary, Crws, Patiphan
Team SecretSoutheast AsiaJessieVash, DubsteP, BORKUM, Dispenser, witz
FULL SENSEAPAC(Asia-Pacific)ChAlalala, LAMMYSNAX, PTC, JohnOlsen SuperBusS
Cloud9 BlueNorth Americamitch, leaf, xeta, Xeppaa, vanity
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