Top 5 Best ESO DLC and Expansions Worth Buying

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In a continent as big as Tamriel, there are many places you can go. From the wintry cold Skyrim to the jungles of Elsweyr, the continent holds all kinds of environments and peoples. With this kind of variety, all sorts of stories and events are just waiting for the player to discover them. Some would reward nothing but the experience, but others can help you earn ESO gold or more resources.

Here are the best stories in Elder Scrolls Online:


The Summerset Isles is the home of the Altmer. It’s bright and happy, much like a resort or a summer home where nothing can go wrong. Yet like the rest of Tamriel, this veneer of peace hides many, many problems. Of course, as an adventurer, you can’t ignore their plight, can you?

Summerset is also where players get the incredibly useful Psijic skill line. All in all, it’s a great DLC to buy. It provides a beautiful new location to explore, a new skill line, a great story, and a great experience in total. Get it for 3,500 Crowns through the shop!


Elsweyr is one of the biggest expansions of the game, such that it merited a physical release. A copy costs about $30, and gives players access to the following:

  • A huge province, Elsweyr, to explore.
  • A new class, Necromancer.
  • Dragons to fight.
  • New Khajiit breeds.
  • New Houses

More than that, the quests and lore the location provides are all top-notch. They are some of the best ones in the game. One of the NPCs has even won the hearts of many players. This is an expansion that’s definitely worth its price.

Clockwork City

The Clockwork City may be a small DLC, but it’s jam-packed with interesting questlines, some ESO items to collect, and more. Many players praise its dialogue and delivery, even if the location itself can be a little difficult to navigate. The DLC costs 2,000 Crowns in the shop, and it’s worth every penny.


The locational antithesis to Summerset, Morrowind is a dark, alien location and the home of the Dunmer. The difference between the two locations is like night and day, plus they’re also at opposite ends of the map. Morrowind is in the northeast, and Summerset is in the southwest.

Anyway, there are a ton of quests in Morrowind, some are even continued in other DLCs, such as the Clockwork City. All of them weave a gripping tale that starts here, continues on in the Clockwork City, and then to Summerset. The 3,500 Crowns spent on this expansion will definitely not be wasted.

Thieves Guild

This expansion is actually on par with the Dark Brotherhood one, maybe a little short, but with a useful skill line. Still, it has a handful of repeatable quests and many valuable items to collect. Plus, with everybody’s penchant for stealth (which may be less useful online than in single-player games) the Thieves Guild is a natural choice.

Honorable Mentions: Dark Brotherhood, Murkmire

The Dark Brotherhood, like the Thieves Guild, is part of a 4-DLC pack that makes it cheaper than buying all four contents separately. It also deserves a mention for the interesting quests and also a skill line useful for any kind of content.

As for Murkmire, it’s interesting because it’s not about Daedra trying to take over Tamriel (it’s got enough of those, thank you very much). While a little short, the content is quite interesting and intriguing, plus it gives tons of lore about the Argonians.

Go and Explore!

If you’d rather pick up separate DLCs than taking a subscription, these are the best expansions to get. That is when you’re looking for good questlines and stories to experience. Otherwise, you can get the item packs and/or the extra classes.

A DLC that almost made the cut is Orsinium, which is part of the 4-DLC pack. It’s about the Orcs. As usual, there are great quests, more items, and a whole lot of content to enjoy. The last one is the Imperial City DLC, which adds more content to the game. That’s more community events to enjoy, whether for PvP or PvE. For sure, the 4-DLC pack is something to buy.

Enjoy the Elder Scrolls Online with all kinds of DLC and enrich your gameplay. Whether it be for the stories, the classes, or the extra skills, continue having fun playing ESO!

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