Is Streaming Killing Cable TV For Good?

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Remember the days where everyone would come together on the sofa and watch TV? It still happens from time to time, but things are definitely different these days. Our viewing habits have changed dramatically, and this has come with the rise of streaming and the decline of cable TV. Every household in the country used to have cable TV – well, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point! It was so popular, and it was the only way for us to watch all the shows and sports that we loved. 

Fast forward to 2021, and is streaming killing cable TV for good? Before we jump to any conclusions, let’s look at some of the big talking points that might contribute to the rise of streaming and the decline in cable TV. 


Cable TV can set you back over $100 a month…that’s pretty ridiculous. Especially when you look at what’s provided and compare it to what you actually use. Most of us throw our money away, which is why streaming seems so attractive. In fact, a lot of households are going down another route and buying their own antennas to get free TV channels instead of paying for cable TV services. So, money is clearly a big issue as far as television is concerned, which is why streaming has become so popular. You can probably pay half of what you’d pay for cable and have access to so many things via services like Netflix and Hulu. It’s simply far more affordable. 


With cable, you tend to only be able to watch the channels via one device. This will be the main TV in your home, and you have to pay extra for further installations/equipment to play it on other TVs. Yes, some services have apps you can use, but there are restrictions in place yet again. Streaming is popular as you can pay for a subscription and watch what you like on multiple devices. Some rules are in place for certain streaming services, but with the likes of Disney Plus, you can literally watch it on unlimited devices at the same time. So, the whole family can enjoy a streaming service wherever all of you are. 


Another reason why streaming might be killing cable TV is that more and more big production companies are creating streaming exclusives. Look at all the Star Wars and Marvel shows on Disney Plus these days, those are huge shows with huge budgets that are exclusive to a streaming platform. A decade ago, you wouldn’t dream of seeing shows like this anywhere other than places like HBO. If more shows and movies are made exclusively for streaming platforms, cable TV will soon lose its appeal and will surely die out. 

As of right now, a lot of people still have cable TV. In fact, most people have cable and streaming services. Perhaps the biggest selling point for cable right now is sports – there aren’t many sports streaming platforms that are genuinely good. So, to answer the question, streaming might be killing cable TV, though you could also make an argument that cable has been killing itself for a long, long time.

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