The Bad Batch Looks Like Another Hit for Disney+

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It seems like Disney+ can’t miss. First The Mandalorian, then WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and now it looks like their new Star Wars show, The Bad Batch, is set up to be a hit too.

The Bad Batch is the newest animated Star Wars series and a direct sequel to The Clone Wars. The show follows Clone Force 99 directly after the events of order 66 and shows the clones struggle with the transition from the Republic to the Empire. It’s a familiar time period to most Star Wars fans, but this is really the first time we see it solely from the perspective of clones.

Familiar and Fresh

The art style, writing and action will all be familiar to Clone Wars fans. The show is even being run by the second coming of George Lucas himself, Dave Faloni. It really does feel more like a direct sequel to Clone Wars much more than Rebels did. In fact, it feels so similar that it almost feels like it’s the eighth season of Clone Wars rather than a new show. But more Clone Wars is always a good thing.

Clone Force 99 will also be familiar to Clone Wars fans since they first appeared in the shows last season (in the episode appropriately titled “The Bad Batch”). The show features the returning characters Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo and Crosshair. Each character has at least one good moment in the first episode, but Hunter is definitely a stand out so far. They’re also joined by a little girl named Omega, who is likeable and adds the right variety to the cast to keep it feeling fresh.

A Great Starting Point for New Fans

But I can see this show being more than just for Star Wars fans. With 7 seasons, The Clone Wars does feel a bit intimidating for new fans. Plus, its anthology structure can turn people away at first, and not every arc is really that interesting. While it is a great show for anyone who wants some more Star Wars, it’s not exactly the most welcoming. It seems like The Bad Batch is trying to fix that. Introducing a smaller cast of characters and a singular plot to focus on, it’s definitely a lot more inviting.

Admiral Tarkin (Star Wars: The Bad Batch 2021)

Only one episode is available so far and I’m curious to see where the show is planning to go. With aspects for old and new fans, well-rounded characters and some great action in its first episode, the show looks like it’s gearing up for a great season to come. On the run from Admiral Tarkin, The Bad Batch have an uphill battle against the newly formed Empire.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is available to stream on Disney+

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