How To Create The Perfect Bookstagram Account

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What Exactly is a Bookstagram? 

To put it simply, a Bookstagram is an Instagram account dedicated to all things books and reading. They typically showcase content such as book reviews, author Q&As, and general literary discussions. Despite the misbelief that reading is falling out of fashion in recent years, there are many widely popular Bookstagram accounts that are helping people to rediscover their love of reading. In fact, thousands of Bookstagram posts are uploaded each day.

So, whether you are a self-confessed bookworm with an ever-growing personal library, or an aspiring author looking to learn more about the craft, there are various benefits to running a ‘Bookstagram’ account. In fact, a successful Bookstagram account can help you to discover new authors/books, connect with a global audience, and could even serve as a form of income. 

With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to create the perfect Bookstagram account! 

Select a business account over a personal account

While you may not initially intend to use your account to earn money, there are many benefits of setting up a business account instead of a personal one. This is because you can then: 

  • Study your analytics, figuring out whether or not your posts are reaching the right audience.
  • Share links on your Instagram stories.
  • Schedule posts ahead of time and appear more professional. 

Come up with a great social media handle

The next step to launching a successful Bookstagram account is to choose your username. You should ensure that your username reflects the kind of account that you are running. For example, you may want to include the words ‘books’ or ‘library’ somewhere in the username so that potential followers know exactly what your account has to offer. It’s also important that your username is not too long or hard to spell, as this makes it harder for users to find your account. 

Take quality photographs

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing platform, meaning that you need to take quality photographs of the books you discuss to build up a following. You should also ensure that your social media feed is visually appealing – i.e., photographs are taken against the same backdrops or have the same filters on them. This helps your account appear more organized and professional. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional photographer or editor to create quality content. You just have to make the most of the tools you have at your disposal. For example, there are plenty of online guides that teach you how to overlay pictures (i.e., change the background) from your phone!  

Choose a niche

To stand out from the crowd, you must find a way to make your Bookstagram account unique. For example, you could choose to hone in on a specific genre of writing – such as horror or romance. Alternatively, your Bookstagram account could be focused on exploring libraries or acquiring first edition books. Either way, it’s important that you find a way to develop an interesting brand that will encourage people to follow your account and respond to your content. 

Use hashtags

When you are first embarking upon your Bookstagram journey, it can be hard for your posts to gain traction. However, one way in which you can boost the visibility of your posts is by utilizing the instagram hashtag library and attaching hashtags to the bottom of your posts. Here are some great examples of popular hashtags: 

  • #Bookstagram
  • #Booksofinstagram
  • #bookish 
  • #bookaddict
  • #Shelfie

Host a giveaway

As a bookworm, it’s likely that you spend far too much money on books and that your bookshelves are constantly overflowing. You can take some of the pressure off your bookshelves by hosting an online giveaway. Where one of your followers has the opportunity to win a few books. Hosting a giveaway is relatively simple. First, send out a post to your followers letting them know what books they could win and what they have to do to enter. Ideally, you should encourage them to follow your account and share the post for a chance to win. This means that the giveaway is mutually beneficial. Your followers have the chance to win some new reading material, and you can boost your brand’s visibility.

Get to know your followers

As with any social media account, the stronger your relationship with your followers, the more successful your account will become. Therefore, you should ensure that you spend some time getting to know your followers from the outset. For example, you could post Q&As on your Instagram stories asking for book recommendations, or their favorite books. Just make sure that you respond to each one.

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