Cheap Nintendo Switch Alternatives For Gamers On A Budget

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Since it was first launched, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 78 million units worldwide. Not only did it appeal to longtime Nintendo fans, but it also catered to more ‘serious’ gamers because the selection of games is much wider. There are also some great remasters of hugely popular games like Skyrim, and the prospect of playing those old favourites on the move is an attractive one. Whatever kind of gamer you are, the Switch is a great console to add to your collection. 

Unfortunately, consoles don’t come cheap these days and even though it’s not as expensive as a brand new PS5, many people are unable to afford one. This is a frustrating position to be in, but if you want to scratch that itch, there are some cheaper Switch alternatives. 

Wii U

People often think that the idea of a console that could be handheld or played on the TV was a brand new one when the Switch was released. But the original format was actually created with the Wii U, albeit not as successfully as it was with the Switch. The upgrade from the Wii U to the Switch was one of the defining moments of the 8th console generation, so the Wii U is often forgotten. The thing is, it’s still a great console with some amazing games, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is one of the most popular games on Switch as well. The Wii U didn’t sell that well and many people have since upgraded to the Switch, so you can pick one up fairly cheap. 

PS Vita

If you are interested in the Switch mainly for handheld gaming, you should look at the PS Vita instead. The Switch is often considered the first device to bring console-quality gaming in handheld form. But the PS Vita set out to do that long before the Switch was ever conceived of, and with good results. They can be difficult to get hold of, but it’s worth it if you can find one. You can also use the remote play function to beam PS3 and PS4 games straight to your Vita over wifi. 


You don’t necessarily need to buy a console at all to quench your thirst for all things Nintendo because you can use an emulator instead. The Dolphin emulator gives you access to Gamecube and Wii games on your PC. You can download all sorts of Dolphin roms on gamulator so you can play all of your old Nintendo favourites. You might not be able to get the latest Mario games, but you can catch up on all of his old adventures. This is the best option if you want some new games but you are also trying to keep a close eye on your bank balance. 

It’s easy to get console envy when everybody is raving about how amazing the Switch is and you haven’t got one yet. But these Switch alternatives will fill that hole until you can save up the money to get your hands on one of your own.

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