The Kid Detective – The Best Detective movie no one saw

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It is a rare feat when a movie manages to be a dark & grungy detective story that makes you sick while also being a hilarious comedy. The Kid Detective manages all that expertly. This is even more impressive once you know that this is the first movie of Writer and Director Evan Morgan.

The Kid Detective had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 13, 2020. And after that, the movie was lost among the sea of content on streaming platforms. The movie is 93 minutes long and is perfectly paced.

The Kid Detective Trailer

There will be no spoilers in the review. But I would advise anyone reading this review that I fully recommend the movie. And would advise you to go in blind. Before you go and watch the movie it’s worth mentioning that it is not for everyone. It’s got a really dry sense of humor and by the end, the movie gets very very dark.

The Premise and the Characters

The Kid Detective as the title says is about a Kid Detective, Abe Applebaum, a child prodigy who solved minor mysteries in the town of Willowbrook. Now Abe is 32 years old and has grown up to be a sad and pathetic man as played by Adam Brody. Now after all these years he is still in the same place solving the same small mysteries. It is hilarious and sad as we see him trying to make ends meet while he solves these silly “Cases”. Adam Brody is really damn good in this movie playing this depressed, drugged up and alcoholic protagonist. He manages to play Abe as both sympathetic yet pathetic.

Adam Bordy as The Kid Detective

The plot of the movie really kicks into motion when this detective gets a real case when he is hired by Caroline, the girlfriend of a kid who is brutally murdered.

The rest of the movie is just this 32-year-old man along with this kid as he ineptly stumbles through the clues as he beats up kids and gets high. At the same time, Abe manages to find the real detective inside him as he is able to connect the clues that no one else can. As he goes deeper, he uncovers dark and creepy revelations.

If any of this seems interesting to you then do go watch your movie.

My Overview

As exaggerated in the title not many have seen the movie. The movie barely grossed $367,890 and i think that it is a shame. This that movie needs to reach its audience . And it does not deserve to be left to forgotten in the sea of streaming.

The Kid Detective is a smart,dark,depressing and hilarious detective movie which is brilliant in its execution. And the movie worked for me perfectly. The movie deserves more people to watch it and my review is an attempt in promoting it. Watch it.



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