Enter the Gungeon and Dungeon of the Endless – Games I’ve Been Playing

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“Elevators are boring”. In recent times I’ve been playing and loving two majestically gorgeous games. One is a turn-based roguelike which takes place on a prison spaceship. A prison spaceship that has crashed on a mysterious alien planet. The other is an intense roguelike gunfighting shooter filled with deadly enemies.

What do they have in common? I’ve played both games on and off, and both have been sitting in my game’s library for some time. Quite honestly, I’d like to share with you dear reader, my thoughts on both games.

Dungeon of the Endless

Taking place on board a crashed prison ship which has landed on a mysterious alien planet, Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike. Each level is randomly generated, from resources, to the layout of the rooms, items and potential recruitable heroes.

The goal is to escape the Dungeon while protecting the ship’s Power Generator, which is the key to successfully moving between levels. From a story perspective it all makes sense; a prison ship has crashed and the survivors are forced to band together.

From a gameplay looking glass, the turn-based combat combined with the specific strategies, proper management of resources and waves of monsters requires some adjustment time. Did I mention that the game is permadeath? There’s no saving. When you die you die!


Dungeon of the Endless has a nice story, interesting companions, lovely music and beautiful art. I find it very easy to get hooked into the game. There is a lot of strategy involved however, as gameplay-wise, it is a Tower Defense game. Each companion has different skills, weak points and strengths, and there’s various modules and upgrades available.

The overall setting and world of the game is truly enchanting. It’s easy to get invested in and “hooked” into the game and its companions. You can also play Dungeon of the Endless as multiplayer with friends or with players across the world.

And don’t just take my word for it, the game’s music is simply amazing.

Enter the Gungeon

The inner world of the gun-themed dungeon that is the Gungeon, is a very intriguing setting. Each floor is captivating, from the history behind the Gungeon, the shop-keepers, to the various bosses and enemies and of course the many colourful guns and items a player can acquire.

One of my favourite aspects of Enter the Gungeon is the assortment of items and guns on hand. Each item fails to disappoint, from a literal sponge, to a tentacle gun that fires tentacles and the many synergies formed between items of all shapes and sizes.


The overall art style and animation of Enter the Gungeon are magnificent and always draw me into playing the game. I love the humour and backstory of some of the items. For instance, the item Orange. Which is a massive reference to a famous Mike Tyson quote towards Lennox Lewis and of course the game God Hand.

Each floor in Enter the Gungeon is randomly generated and the exploration, dodging, rolling and shooting never grows boring. The quirks of each particular floor are noticeable and help to create immersion.

For instance, the sewer dungeon (or should I say Gungeon) called The Oubliette. A secret dungeon which takes the form of an actual sewer and contains sewage and toxic waste.

Enter the Gungeon and Dungeon of the Endless are two great games that I’ve been playing. What makes both particular games in question great is the backstories, beautiful animation styles, worlds and gameplay. Enter the Gungeon and Dungeon of the Endless provide endless fun through their randomly generated worlds and gameplay. You should honestly try them out!

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